New Year 2022

19 Dec21175 Hub For Culture The UAE is growing in its position as an international hub for cultural tourism; Its customs and traditions are built on welcoming the world with open arms. Through these open doors, Abu Dhabi invites the world to explore its stories, vision for the future, but most importantly its culture, which is best done through Qasr Al Watan: one of Abu Dhabi’s leading and unique cultural landmarks that reflects the ideal example of a seamless fusion of modern governance, centuries of Arabian knowledge, and a remarkable visitor journey. The late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan once said, “The ruler should not have any barrier which separates him from his people.” Since opening its doors to the public in 2019, Qasr Al Watan followed in the footsteps of the UAE’s founding father by welcoming visitors who travel from across the continents to discover Abu Dhabi and its wonders. Translated to the Palace of the Nation, Qasr Al Watan strives to offer its visitors access to a fully immersive cultural experience as they discover the story of a nation starting with a one-of-a-kind enriching visitor journey; the most important aspect of the Palace. The Qasr Al Watan journey reflects the timeless words the founding father once said that echo in the hearts and souls of the Emirati people today. As one of the only working Palaces of its kind in the world, Qasr Al Watan provides deep insight into the nation’s past, present and future, with experiential zones that allow visitors to explore the Arab world through history, literature and more. Built to last for centuries to come, Qasr Al Watan’s artistry incorporates centuries of Arabian architectural design and tradition and captures the true essence of not only the capital but also the UAE as a whole. Visitors have the chance to learn about the principles that have propelled traditional Arabian culture and Islamic art to remarkable status and gain a deep appreciation of Arabian architectural craftsmanship and intellectual heritage. It also allows visitors to get a much closer look at rare artefacts and manuscripts that have been preserved and housed within the Palace’s various zones. As a special part of the experience, the Palace also offers all visitors complementary access to the Qasr Al Watan Library, separate from the tours, where a vast collection of over 50,000 books are made easily accessible to the public, allowing visitors to benefit from absorbing centuries of knowledge in one location. To cater to international visitors, Qasr Al Watan offers a variety of guided and self-guided tours in multiple languages including English, Arabic, German, Russian and Chinese for visitors looking to gain deeper insight into the Palace’s history. This also includes private tours, which can be booked based on the number of participants and the duration. Among the wide array of unique experiences that Qasr Al Watan provides, a spectacular evening entertainment can be found: The Palace in Motion evening light and sound show. Once night falls, visitors can watch the presidential palace come to life and light up the night with a spectacular audiovisual display that projects onto the façade of the Palace a story told in three acts, with an accompanying narration that tells the visual story of the UAE’s past, present, and future. The Palace in Motion’s inspiring original performance consists of one of the largest projection installations in the Middle East, with fifty-two projectors lit onto the exterior of the Palace’s walls. the show punctuates visual developments and supports the narrative and the sound of traditional Emirati instruments playing with futuristic twists and cutting- edge visuals to contribute to the immersive nature of the performance. Additionally, complementing Qasr Al Watan’s integrated cultural experience, visitors to the Palace can also enjoy live performances by Abu Dhabi Police’s Music Band, with a show entitled 'Symphony of The Nation where they can watch and listen to the band play classical Emirati music about the heritage and love for the nation while marching through the Palace of the Nation. The perfect final touch to conclude the unforgettable, all-inclusive visitor journey is the wide variety of retail options; the Palace houses a colorful selection of exclusive souvenirs to the landmark, which highlights Abu Dhabi’s culture and heritage. A Palace like no other, Qasr Al Watan regularly hosts state visits where foreign dignitaries dine with members of the UAE Government and present the leaders of the nation with a gift, symbolizing the long- term relations between the UAE and other countries. These tokens of goodwill are displayed in Presidential Gifts for visitors to explore the wide variety of artefacts exchanged during diplomatic engagements. Additionally, in line with the Year of Tolerance, Pope Francis made his first visit to the UAE, passing through Qasr Al Watan alongside the Grand Imam of Al Azhar. Memories of this visit are on display in a special exhibition for visitors to immersive themselves in memories of the visit as part of their cherished journey at the Palace. As part of the Palace’s vision for a long-term, successful visitor experience, it believes that one of its strongest assets is its unique position as a working Palace that remains open for visitors of all ages, where they can explore a cultural perspective of the UAE while feeling enriched throughout the inspiring journey. In order to make the experience truly unique in every way, Qasr Al Watan also plays host to year-round events, where visitors are invited to celebrate their favorite occasions at a Palace. Company: Qasr Al Watan Web Address: