New Year 2022

24 Nov21145 Highest Quality Service For All With thousands of five-star homes in more than 100 of global destinations, LVH Global holds the Highest Standard of Excellence in the luxury vacation home industry. LVH delivers the highest standard of excellence for full-service luxury vacation home charters. Each home experience is carefully curated to exceed guests’ expectations. When you are a homeowner partner with LVH, you can expect premier property management services ensuring the integrity, cleanliness, and safety of your home. Here we look at LVH as it wins 2021’s Leading Provider of Luxury Concierge & Travel Services – New York. LVH has provided guests with the highest standard of service excellence from its inception in 2016. From just a few destinations and homes, LVH’s network has grown to thousands of homes in more than 100 global destinations. LVH Homeowner Partners receive unparalleled property management and marketing services to increase booking potential. LVH has perfected travel and luxury home management in the luxury vacation sector. LVH homes are chosen for quality, security, modernity, and cleanliness, as well as proximity to premier vacation destinations and world events putting our clients at the heart of the best views and experiences. With Full-Service Homes, you can always Travel in style to any world-class destination and indulge in the experience only an LVH full-service home can provide. Our dedicated team will pamper you at every step of your journey. Services include an on-site butler and maid and a home ambassador, so your expectations are met from the beginning to the end of your stay. The team provides a unique welcome ceremony, helps you unpack and get settled and ensures pre-stocking of your home with essentials. Time is a precious commodity, and you don’t want to waste it on planning. It can customize itineraries based on the type of vacation you want – relaxation, adventure, arts, culture, history, music – the list is endless. It has booked the unbookable, secured tickets for sold-out performances, arranged on-site staffing for parties, made reservations at restaurants with months-long waiting lists. What it can do is limited only by your imagination! Its Preferred Homeowner Program allows our homeowners to breathe easily knowing they will not have to worry about bookings, preparing their homes for guests or upkeep of their properties while under LVH management. It is a win-win situation – homeowners provide their homes to luxury vacation guests through LVH without any headaches and luxury travelers have some of the most beautiful homes in the world from which to choose to spend their vacations. Homeowners and guests have access to a unique mobile app. Guests can easily manage their vacations. They can select their favorite property preferences in terms of amenities, location, and style. Once they have chosen a home, they will be able to submit an instant inquiry with real-time chat. For homeowners and managers, the app provides accurate information about our properties, including availability, pricing, and complete booking history. Homeowners and their teams will receive maintenance notifications, reports, and access to detailed statements. The app provides a way for our clients and our service teams to communicate via a dashboard where they can submit information, they would like our teams to know or act on. LVH team members work cohesively and appreciate each other’s talents; they are also educated, knowledgeable about the luxury travel industry and pride themselves on delivering the best services and experiences possible. Everyone at LVH is on the same page: giving ‘our guests and homeowners’ peace of mind, happiness and satisfaction always come first and are our top priorities. There is simply no other way for LVH. Company: LVH Global Web Address: