New Year 2022

26 Nov21346 Modern Design with a Minimalistic Twist Based out of sunny Barbados, Chantelle Alicia Interiors and Design is the luxury interior design powerhouse of the island. Under the wing of experienced interior designer, Chantelle Roach, the winners of 2022’s Leading Boutique Interior Design Firm – Barbados create bespoke, minimalistic residential and commercial projects. Chantelle Roach has a long-standing relationship with interior design. Trained in Canada under the guidance a leading firm, Chantelle refined her skills through her contributions to some of the largest and award- winning luxury condominium developments in the U.S. and Canada. Upon her return to her home-country Barbados, she founded Chantelle Alicia Interiors and Design, and promptly worked her way to the top of her field. Building a predominantly remote team based around the globe, Chantelle Alicia Interiors and Design quickly blossomed into a thriving business. A passion for design drives the company and the clear enthusiasm flows into its extensive portfolio. It is imperative that each prospective employee has that same grit and determination that the company values. At its core, the company believes that the employees should have fun within their roles, allowing them to determine their own schedules. The overarching goal amongst the staff is to provide a high- quality, unbeatable service to their customers in the hopes that this will forge a long-term relationship with the client. Chantelle Alicia Interiors and Design provides a range of full design services, including interior architecture and interior styling. Having developed its own unique brand, the business specialises in creating minimalistic, timeless designs for a range of clients, including residential and high-end commercial projects. Commonly using bold, geometric shapes and minimal amounts of colour, the company stands out from its competitors. Chantelle Alicia Interiors and Design’s aesthetic differs greatly from the traditional Barbadian architecture, which has worked in its favour – customers love the bespoke, sleek designs. Involving the customer in each step of the process, Chantelle Alicia Interiors and Design begin with creating the brief. A team member meets with the client, ensuring that they learn what the customer is envisioning, the interior parameters, and the budget. Moving on to the concept, the brief is taken and turned into a conceptual story. A highly collaborative stage with the client, the customer is presented with inspirational visuals, preliminary finishes, proposed floorplans, and any other necessary layouts, and is invited to give feedback. Once the team has received approval, the construction plans are fully developed, and the customer receives a specification book highlighting all the project specifications. Once the construction stage is reached, the client should have an in-depth understanding of what the project entails and will have had multiple opportunities to provide their input. Currently working on multiple projects, Chantelle Alicia Interiors and Design has a busy year ahead. Throughout 2022 they hope to release a variety of new pieces, which will further expand their vast portfolio. Evolving with the ever-changing industry, it aims to keep up to date with rising trends and continue providing clients with high-quality work. Contact: Chantelle Roach Company: Chantelle Alicia Interiors and Design Web Address: