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9 Nov21246 Best SpecialistWine Publication 2021 Wine Showcase Magazine, a publication elevating the vintages its expert panel of judges deem fitting for the palettes of the discerning modern wine drinker, is an influential voice in the wine enthusiast community. Having led the publication from his post as Editor in Chief for over a decade now, Peter Muscet is more determined than ever to ensure this remains the case, consistently working with bold and brave new wineries as well as experienced older brands in order to continually shape and diversity the prestigious sector. “As a whole, we attend many trade and consumer wine fairs across the globe, including London, Hong Kong, Chicago and several throughout mainland China. The reason for these roadshows is to promote the magazine and the wines featured within. After all, nothing compliments the magazine better than being able to put the wine in the mouth of a buyer. As a regular guest speaker at many of these wine fairs, we are well regarded across the globe for our expert Australian wine reviews.” In a field that lives and dies by the word of the critic, Wine Showcase Magazine is a powerful voice in the industry. Fundamentally, it is a wine publication produced quarterly on an annual timeline, assisting wine enthusiasts, collectors, and savants who are looking to expand their knowledge of Australian vintages. This has all been brought to bear by the Editor in Chief, Peter Muscet, who took the helm at the magazine in 2010 in order to further give back to the winery sector, its professionals, and its growing market of enthusiasts. Being a specialty trader for the wine distribution and purchase realm in Asia, Europe or North America, Wine Showcase features market wine reviews and expert educational content on various vintages and vineyards. As an indispensable companion to wine buyers, Wine Showcase includes the regional and varietal differences of Australian wines showcased. With reviews of newly released wines, ranked in style and price, clients can always trust that its editorial content features the expert views of a Wine Showcase judging panel. Wine publications often prove a very useful resource for consumers, particularly if they are interested in trying something new. However, in such a competitive field how do Wine Showcase go about differentiating themselves from their closest competitors? For Peter, travelling worldwide to promote the magazine has served the business well, and this is something that Wine Showcase Magazine wishes to continue long into the future as soon as travel restrictions allow. Regarding wine tasting, the judging panel take a different approach to rating each wine. All the wines are reviewed in a blind tasting manner, and each wine is judged alongside wines with similar price points to benchmark value for money. This method, therefore, ensures that the points reflect the quality in that price bracket, so buyers get the best value for money in whatever price bracket they purchase their wines in; all in all, its tasting panel now sip, experience and swirl around 5000 wines per year. All these wines are scored in their appropriate price categories in order to give wine buyers a guide to the different wines available to ensure best wine and best value for money at that price point, with a strict system in place to gauge the quality of the taste, nose, bouquet, and other elements. Whilst the 100-point system is subjective – and some say flawed – it also gives a good indication of quality, with 90- 100 denoting special effort, 80-89 the equivalent of a ‘B’ grade, 70-79 being average, and below 70 being of little interest to the discerning palette. Moreover, with three judges present at each tasting, including a chairperson, Wine Showcase Magazine creates an excellent talent pool of experience and perspectives, each of whom promise to give each wine a fair consideration that, if favourable, can elevate a winery’s brand head and shoulders above their competition. Company: Wine Showcase Magazine Contact: Peter Muscet Website: