New Year 2023

40 Oct22298 Best Vegan Brand Marketing Agency - UK MAD Ideas is an award-winning, global creative design and marketing agency leading the way! Striving to change the world for the better, it wants to help its clients succeed in getting their message across by making big, big waves, and even bigger changes. Following the firm’s incredible success within the Global Vegan Awards 2022, we learn more about how it goes about doing this. “What a huge benefit you are to the community!” gushes client, Heritage Open Days – because, with each ground-breaking project the MAD Ideas team devotedly crafts, what they do best is strive to change the world. The sky’s the limit as they dip between designing head-turning brochures, thoughtful packaging, action-packed child-friendly materials for curious minds, impactful logos, engaging and inclusive websites, and attention-grabbing film posters that get people talking. Not only is it a highly creative agency making a mark in the world of marketing, but MAD Ideas’ focus is also on protecting the planet and animal rights. “We believe veganism is about justice and everyone should have a voice,” Creative Director, Carmen Easterby enthuses. “As such, we’re known for going above and beyond to ‘Make A Difference’ (MAD). Our goal has and always will be to make a positive difference in the world and our clients believe the same. “Our dream? To wake up one day to a vegan world!” It undeniably takes an extraordinary team to make extraordinary things happen. Because why settle for any less? Carmen is joined by her sister, Carol, as well as team members, Rob and Emily – and CEO (Chief Eating Officer), Bingo the dog. Every client matters to the MAD team and they give every project the same level of undivided attention, enthusiasm, and innovative thinking. They also make a conscious effort to only take on projects that they believe can make a positive difference to the planet, taking great pride in each. This isn’t all that makes MAD Ideas stand out from the rest, but in fact, there is a long list of accomplishments that the team can be proud of, all with an ethical ethos behind them. This includes the creation of: • Communications for a world-first 100% hydrogen gas network in Fife, helping achieve zero-carbon • The website platform for plant-based health professionals – the first of this type of health initiative in the UK • New branding, branded materials, website, and animations for VinE (Veganism in Education) – CIC, contributing towards a child-friendly booklet for a family festival • The film poster, social media trailer thumbnails, and website for ‘I Could Never Go Vegan’ documentary film, released in December 2022/January 2023 • Logo, watercolour book illustrations, and website for Dr Gemma Newman (The Plant Power Doctor) • Family-friendly booklets, posters, and leaflets highlighting safety and carbon monoxide awareness for several gas distribution networks • Internal and external communications for SGN Gas including pop-up banners, posters, leaflets, and promotional goodies with eco, digital, health, and wellbeing themes • Awards materials • Label packaging design for Sunlight Animal Sanctuary, who described the end result as “beautiful”. • Web platform and online presence for Animal Think Tank and Inclusive Responsibility • Resource materials for animal rights outreach This is addition to supporting the ‘Young Voices and Visions for the Future’ segment in the global A-Law Conference 2022, as well as donating their time for: • ‘Save our Wildlife’ arts competition with the charity, VON, inviting people to be part of the solution and giving environmentalists a voice. This initiative aims to inspire young people to get creative to raise the alarm that of every mammal on earth, only 4% are wild and many are becoming extinct. • Over 100 educational signs, print media, and editorials for various animal sanctuaries, with The Retreat Animal Sanctuary delightedly commenting, “You’ve truly enhanced visitors’ experience with the educational signs. Thank you.” Helping to make everything the MAD Ideas team does possible is their use of data and research trends to be years ahead and therefore help clients be one step ahead of their competitors. The team offers an honest opinion which can help clients be more effective and impactful, and they also recognise the importance of language and powerful design to keep people engaged. As an independent business, MAD Ideas understands the struggles faced by smaller organisations, thus, as Carmen states, “We motivate and support one another. We are constantly evolving and never stand still.” And this ensures the bright future ahead of the agency, with Carmen enthusiastically adding, “We’re looking forward to working with more vegan start-up clients and projects. We’re super excited and hopeful for the future.” Company: MAD Ideas Marketing Contact: Carmen Easterby Email: [email protected] Website: Food, Race & Diversity project promoting inclusivity and diversity. All fees were donated to Rowdy Girl Sanctuary The Plant Power Doctor