New Year 2023

41 Oct22378 Invest InYour Own Slice of Heaven In such a competitive atmosphere, it can be hard to survive as a real estate and development business. The UK’s market is a contest that requires the best skillsets to shine through against the rest. Here we take a closer look at Legacie Holdings Limited as it only gets better, year upon year. We are proud to present Legacie to you as it wins Best Real Estate Development Company – Northwest England. Legacie Holdings Limited is one of the UK’s biggest, privately owned, real estate investment and development companies. Striving to be the best of the best, Legacie has come a long way in a short time. Established in 2017, just six years ago, Legacie has built an empire of portfolios containing properties within the residential, commercial, and hospitality industries. Running a tight ship and keeping everything flowing smoothly, Legacie works directly with investors so as to construct relationships that will stand the test of time. Its vision and mission is to “build long term relationships with investors and to deliver outstanding properties.” Not only this, but Legacie leverages its experience to be able to supply top properties. The properties that Legacie provides all showcase the edge that Legacie has on the competition. With properties in lively Liverpool, its Parliament Square, Ropemaker Place, and Rose Place: Phase 2 are all worth noting. Currently accepting investments for Rose Pace, The Hive, Embankment Exchange, and many more, it is clear to see that these classy and timeless, yet contemporary and fresh properties are results of its mesmerising taste. Legacie promises brighter days for all investors that it works with, and it does so by applying its seasoned professionals and insatiable drive for greatness. With extremely remarkable ROI’s and up to 10% yield on investments, Legacie’s ability to transform each portfolio is outstanding. The North West of England is one of the quickest developing regions in the UK and Legacie has still been able to keep its fingers on the pulse. Paying out £1.3 million to investors of Reliance House, Legacie has become a favourite amongst many. With over 2,850 units sold and £475 million worth of developments completed, Legacie’s name has spread far and wide. It has gained international investors from over 50 countries in the world – a massive achievement for this UK-based real estate development business. As a multi-award winning business, Legacie has cinched many titles spanning from Developer of the Year to Best Real Estate Construction, Development and Investment Company, 2022 – UK and 2022's Most Trusted Real Estate Investment Company – UK. It has also won awards for its properties. For example, in 2022, Legacie’s Parliament Square even won Development of the Year. Now, it has won Best Real Estate Development Company, Northwest England, from LUXlife and it is due to have yet another growth-spurt – resulting in more clients, more investments, and much more success. We can’t wait to see what it does next. Contact: John Morley Company: Legacie Holdings Limited Web Address: