New Year 2023

52 Dec22276 Honouring the Mother The modern mother is often overwhelmed and isolated. She is doing so much and is therefore missing the time for stillness, self nourishment and deeper connections. Celebrating a decade of sold out retreats, HolyMama is the original mother and child retreat company. HolyMama has become a global movement impacting tens of thousands of lives, with HolyMama Certified Retreat Leaders gracing over 20 countries. We explore how this trailblazing company has come to be crowned ‘Leading Provider of Mother & Child Yoga Retreats 2023’. The founder of these pioneering matrifocal wellness retreats for mothers is Claudia Spahr, an international bestselling author and keynote speaker. The self-described disruptor and innovator is a yoga retreat enthusiast herself. Having conceived three children after the age of 40, Claudia decided to design just the kind of yoga retreat that she had yearned for as a mother – one that involves a supportive female environment and welcomes children of all ages. Passionate about gender equality and restoring balance on the planet, Claudia feels the world needs more women, and especially mothers, in leadership positions. Thus, she birthed this unique wellness concept to enable recalibration for mamas. The retreat environment facilitates mothers to connect with themselves, their children, and other women. And it comes with a combination of amazing yoga, delicious food, beautiful accommodation, compassionate childcare, stunning nature, attentive teams, and transformational treatments – so mothers can truly submerge themselves into self-nourishment. “When we nurture the mother, we nurture life,” says Claudia. “When we heal the mother, we heal the planet.” When women come together in these kind of safe spaces, magic happens: Deep healing and heart opening takes place when competition and fear are eliminated. Once this sacred space is honoured between each other and within themselves, a profound shift occurs. Each woman’s uniqueness is illuminated. This is a devoted, supportive experience that most won’t have come across before. It transforms, energises and inspires retreat participants. Particularly now, following the upheaval that ensued with the COVID-19 pandemic, people are wanting to slow down and soften, and the need for mothers to rest and rejuvenate couldn’t be more prominent. Speaking about the aftermath of the pandemic, Claudia says, “The hustle and grind culture is taxing our nervous systems. I think this is where luxury and especially the wellness luxury sector can fill a big need in society.” So, what does luxury mean to Claudia? She states, “Luxury means time, space and stillness. Financial freedom to work when I want and spend time with loved ones when it suits me. Luxury is also being able to travel and invest in personal growth without having to worry too much about the cost.” Claudia also went on to share a bit of advice for those who are wishing to work within the luxury sector. “Work on yourself. Personal development is key – the foundation and the holy grail in the service industry.” She also believes in always ensuring top quality and the highest value possible, whether in person or online. Ultimately, it’s clear to see how HolyMama Retreats has come to create such waves across the luxury travel industry, changing the lives of mothers, with its matrifocal, child-centred approach to living. Thus, the company won’t be going anywhere any time soon and there’s no denying the extremely bright future ahead of it. Claudia enthuses, “I have huge goals because the world needs big changes.” The first of these is to nurture as many retreat facilitators, reciprocal leaders, and soul-led entrepreneurs as her heart can hold via ‘LoveField Leadership – Sold Out Retreats’, her signature retreat leadership programme. She also aims to activate embodied leaders of the future via her Leadership Radiance Mastermind and Feminine Radiance Retreats. This year will also see HolyMama launch into the Hispanic and Spanishspeaking territories in the Americas, as part of gender equality and decolonisation work. In addition to resourcing mothers with sustainable mental health tools, therapies and practices, HolyMama is purpose-driven with humanitarian and ecological goals: This is the HolyMamaLove concept that launched in 2018. Claudia is seeking to impact 23 million lives this year with HolyMamaLove, giving inner city children and their mothers a retreat experience. As part of their expansion and 10-year legacy as the pioneer of retreat and group facilitation, HolyMama is looking for partners and sponsors to bring HolyMamaLove to communities where women and children are recovering from trauma, abuse and hardship. This next fundraising project will serve mothers who are not able to travel to receive resources, selfcare practices and matrifocal, child-centred community support. Company: HolyMama Retreats Contact: Claudia Spahr Email: [email protected] Website: