New Year 2023

58 Nov22663 Provider of Luxury Spa Escapes 2023 – Maldives Located in some of the most pristine Indian Ocean resorts, ELE | NA offers spa rituals, therapies, and wellness journeys designed for an immersive spa experience. We profile the brand and find out more about its sustainable ethos in the wake of its being named to the Leaders in Luxury Awards 2023. ELE | NA is the wholly owned subsidiary of Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts, with two distinct sub-brands, ELE | NA Elements of Nature and ELE | NA The Spa, that currently operates at seven island resorts located in the Maldives. ELE | NA adds a layer of exceptional wellness, beauty, and spa experiences – much beyond that of a typical resort stay. It provides the benefits of a wellness retreat while being perfectly balanced with the fun, adventure, and indulgence of a blissful tropical holiday experience. As an acronym for Elements of Nature, ELE | NA finds inspiration in the elemental forces of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Visitors can experience exclusive wellness rituals and local healing traditions crafted by international experts at the stunning spa and wellness sanctuaries. Every treatment has been designed to nourish and rejuvenate using natural products and the purest sources of energy by a team of international therapists to help guests find inner balance and peaceful energy that lasts far beyond the spa experience. "At ELE | NA, we curate the best of local healing traditions and international beauty and spa treatments – for a truly unique experience," a spokesperson for the ELE | NA brand explains. "The ELE | NA way of living is a sanctuary to unwind the body, mind, and soul." The natural sanctuary offers unique moments of pampering and indulgence that refresh, elevate, and enhance the senses. Every spa ritual and wellness experience ultimately consists of a journey through all the five senses: sight, sound, touch, taste, and scent. There is a wide choice of therapies, from sound healing baths and fire cupping to crystal chakra balancing, all of which are undertaken by renowned healers and wellness practitioners who add their magic touch to the guest experience. Following an initial consultation and screening, dedicated, qualified, and experienced specialist wellness practitioners will design a bespoke programme based on their guest’s health picture – and with their best interests at heart. The highly targeted and personalised journey consists of spa rituals, fitness routines, and meditation practices, with advice on nutrition to implement during their stay. "It is a realistic approach to wellbeing that our guests can continue when they return home," the spokesperson continues. "Guests feel rejuvenated and refreshed through lasting, transformative experiences." As a brand ambassador for the Sustainable Spa Association, ELE | NA is committed to environmentally sustainable spa operations, with all spas using sustainable packaging and pure, organic products, such as orange peel to make delicious candy packed in attractive eco-friendly wrappers for a sweet treat; coffee bean grounds converted into lush scrubs; and fresh coconuts from the island being used to make massage oil. Indeed, the spa teams in the Maldives take the eco-friendly initiatives a step further with the use of polished coconut shells for a wonderfully relaxing massage. "As a homegrown brand, we truly connect with the indigenous environs, and the bounty of nature leads us to be able to offer more sustainable options," elaborates the spokesperson. "ELE | NA spas ensure efficient purchasing and use of supplies, responsible waste management, and energy-efficient practices." Recently, the ELE | NA brand gained further recognition by being named "Provider of Luxury Spa Escapes 2023—Maldives" in the Leaders in Luxury Awards. This accolade is testament to the commitment of ELE | NA, and all the staff behind the brand, in creating an exceptional spa experience. Company: ELE | NA Spa Company Web Address: