New Year 2023

Best Luxury Hotel 2023 - Santorini Maria Vazoura Andronis Luxury Suites A place out of the time where your senses experience #EndlessFeelings. A spectrum of 33 luxury suites &villas renowned for their tranquility & unique sense of elegance right in the heart of Oia. Best Contemporary Dining Restaurant 2023 - London Alice Gerald Mount St. Restaurant Most Timeless Cabinet Hardware Manufacturer 2023 - West Midlands Melissa McGrail Armac Martin Established in 1929, Armac Martin design and manufacture luxury brass cabinet hardware, shelf brackets and mirrors for the world's finest interiors. Best Artisan Framed Textiles 2023 - UK Gaynor French Loom Designs Loom sells beautiful framed textile artworks. We customise, design and source worldwide working closely with exceptional artisans celebrating cultural origins whilst bringing beauty to your home. Most Captivating Wallcovering Design Studio 2023 - London Anna Glover Anna Glover design studio specialises in luxury wallcoverings. From bedrooms to private members clubs, the team work closely with the world’s top interior designers on beautiful, timeless spaces. Best Luxury Lodge 2023 - Mendoza Province Victoria Stiles Cavas Wine Lodge Best Modern French Fine Dining Restaurant 2023 - London Victoria Sheppard Alex Dilling Best Luxury Country Inn 2023 - South West England Caroline Lucas The Holcombe Best Contemporary Furniture Production Company 2023 - Portugal Mafalda Aguiar Laskasas Most Welcoming Traditional Pub 2023 - Hampshire Paul Mulholland King Street Tavern Winner's Listing 2023's Leaders in Luxury Awards