New Year 2024

New Year 2024 | 13 The Art of Luxury Travel Exclusive France Tours is a bespoke luxury travel agency that delivers exclusive tours across France. With over 25 years operating in the high-end luxury tourism and events industry, the agency creates fully personalised experiences, private tours, and upscale events filled with authentic discoveries. Exclusive France Tours is also one of the leading luxury agencies offering intimate wine explorations across the country. Led by Marie Tesson, the company creates meaningful bespoke experiences that go beyond the ordinary to deliver clients a truly exceptional French holiday. Exclusive France Tours has received this year’s Best Luxury Tourism & Events Agency Award – France for its unparalleled service offering and high standards of care. With its innovative approach to the travel industry, Exclusive France Tours develops cultural tours designed to intrigue and provoke emotion. The agency has created a legacy of excellence with its bespoke adventures and journeys. Over the course of two decades, the company has become a connoisseur of travel, dedicated to creating immersive vacations that continue to surprise and delight its esteemed clients. Its exclusive locations are specifically chosen to ensure every traveller has an incredible, out-of-theordinary adventure. A network of passionate experts is also ready to breathe life into these locations to create irreplicable tours. At the heart of Exclusive France Tours are its private wine explorations. It was owner Marie Tesson’s love of the winemaking tradition that inspired her to offer these private and rare encounters. The team has cultivated a deep understanding of the wine industry and fostered connections across France with winemakers, sommeliers, and owners of acclaimed castles. These relationships enable Exclusive France Tours to offer access to wine estates usually closed to the public. Exclusive France Tours is committed to continuous evolution and adapting to meet clients’ individual needs. Marie Tesson and her specialist team are dedicated to perfecting their approach and consistently exceeding expectations. Exclusive France Tours is passionate about crafting memories for travellers that last a lifetime. The agency has developed strong partnerships across France with companies and individuals that share its high standards of quality. The team remains inspired by the variety of culture, heritage, and gastronomy that French destinations have to offer. France offers the agency endless possibilities and infinite combinations of thrilling experiences. By utilising the beauty of France and their strong creativity, the team can generate inspiration for even the most challenging requests. Exclusive France Tours has become renowned as a tailored designer for its outstanding discoveries, tours, and events. With its mastery of logistics, the company is capable of reacting efficiently to address any last-minute issues. All tours are elevated by reliable logistical procedures based on the agency’s quality standards. The company is passionate about creating well designed programmes and managing private stays and luxury events. These can be tailored to a specific theme, area, or multiple areas of France. One of the agency’s biggest assets has become its cross-regional tours, which consist of exclusive escapes to some of France’s most popular destinations. Exclusive France Tours provides travellers with a unique way to discover gems far away from the crowds. Most recently, the company has announced amazing private tours of Mont Saint Michel. After their three-week private tour, Jaime R. shared, “Marie Tesson listens and internalises what she’s heard. She crafts thought-out itineraries, isn’t afraid to suggest alternatives, and communicates earnestly with her clients. For our ‘Tour de France’, she has consistently gone beyond my expectations. I rate her baby, Exclusive France Tours, a 10 out of 10.” Moving forward, Exclusive France Tours will continue to make the most of its teams’ talents and leverage the innovations offered by AI. By utilising this new technology, the agency will be able to free up more time, increasing efficiency and client responsiveness. Exclusive France Tours is committed to offering exceptional travel experiences tailored to clients’ individual requirements. Specialising in luxury tours, high-end vacation packages, and upscale events, the company will continue to deliver authentic discoveries and unparalleled happenings that exceed travellers’ expectations. For its extraordinary tours and events, Exclusive France Tours has received our award for this year’s Best Luxury Tourism & Events Agency – France. Contact: Marie Tesson Company: Exclusive France Tours Web Address: