New Year 2024

New Year 2024 | 19 Founded in 2019 by the duo of Ali Mohammadioun and Elnaz Tagghados, E Plus A Atelier expertly combines two decades of experience in the architecture and interior design spheres, bringing this to the UAE in the form of modern and contemporary designs. Architecture, Interior & Landscape Design Firm of the Year 2024 – Dubai awardee E Plus A Atelier takes pride in the relationships which it has carefully nurtured with clients, and allows its work to speak for the rest. Over the past five years or so, the firm has garnered a stellar reputation amongst Dubai’s luxury clientele, even extending into the regions of the Middle East and Africa. We have the pleasure of speaking with both Ali and Elnaz, who tell us more about the business and its exceptional design services. E Plus A Equals Unique and Beautiful Designs The luxury sector is currently experiencing a sizeable shift, with a more conscious and eco-friendly approach dictating market demand. As Ali and Elnaz explain, “we’ve proactively embraced this shift, integrating sustainable practices not only in our interiors but also in our landscape designs.” This represents the business’ acute awareness of consistently rising exceed client expectations. This is evidenced by a particularly noteworthy client testimonial, serving to truly encapsulate the business’ holistic approach. “E Plus A Atelier doesn't just design spaces; they craft environments where every element, from furniture to greenery, becomes a testament to refined living.” It is an innate passion for transcendent design, mixed with a keen desire to create functional living spaces boosted by a unique artistic flair, which initially led to the team traversing into the luxury sector. Here, the team are provided with the necessary platform to challenge themselves, collaborating with eager clients who have an appreciation for life’s finer things. A good repertoire with one’s client base is essential, as the duo explain. “Building lasting relationships with clients is as crucial as crafting impeccable designs; it’s the fusion of these elements that defines success in the realm of luxury living.” Looking ahead to the future of the firm, innovation is at the very core of the company’s vision, and in the coming years, E Plus A Atelier is set to continue to innovate across industry, championing design principles that are both culturally and environmentally conscious, enabling the creation of spaces which reflect the individuality of clients while harmonising with nature. This extends too to cultural relevance, with all creations done by the team aiming to accurately reflect the past, present, and future, carried out by a diverse team of artists boasting a variety of viewpoints, creative processes, and influences. Quintessentially, E Plus A Atelier’s revolutionary vision, dedication to seamless design services, and unparalleled work ethic combine to make it more than worthy of this distinction, celebrating it as Dubai’s premier landscape and interior design firm. We wish Ali Mohammadioun, Elnaz Tagghados, and the entire team the best of luck for the future and eagerly await what innovations they pioneer next. Contact: Ali Mohammadioun and Elnaz Tagghados Company: E Plus A Atelier Web Address: Dubai-based architecture and interior design firm E Plus A Atelier boasts interiors with decades of combined experience, and a team determined to expand into the fields of commercial and hospitality design, not only in the UAE, but as far afield as Europe and Asia. This expert team are multi-disciplined, highly dedicated, and possess an exceptional degree of creative expression. Balancing history with modernity, refinement with irregularity, and imagination with discipline, Ali, Elnaz, and the entire team bring a wealth of ideas together, with the finished results embodying co-existence and unrivalled creativity. Contributing immeasurably to Dubai’s bustling interior design scene, E Plus A Atelier possesses such prestigious clients as high-net-worthindividuals, royal family members, businesspeople and celebrities from across the Middle East, Asia, India, and Europe, creating expert design solutions complete with client privacy. Largely, this is achieved through a client-centric approach and finesse, seamlessly translating briefs into flawless finished projects. Ultimately, the team, “don’t just build houses; they create harmonious spaces with their matchless understanding of materials, space and light.” Key areas of focus for Ali and Elnaz including enabling clients to recharge with nature, crafting smooth transitions between home and garden, and meticulously blending creation with cutting-edge technology. This is made apparent by the firm’s faultless integrated landscape design, emphasising its commitment to a multisensory approach complete with greenery as a “living art palette”. It is this sense of refinement and “quiet luxury”, which underpins E Plus A Atelier’s forte, and has allowed it to stand out in the market, bolstered by an unbridled dedication to providing personalised services that are tailored to the last detail.