New Year 2024

New Year 2024 | 31 Accessible Wellness Experiences for All Established in 2020, Soak Bathhouse is a family-owned business created by husband and wife team Niki and Alexis. Centred around wellness, inclusiveness, convenience, and affordability, the bathhouse is a relaxing, social environment where people can connect with friends and reap the benefits of feeling reenergised. Soak Bathhouse caters to both individuals and groups with an urban meeting place for guests to reset and create a new kind of wellness routine. Guests are invited to enjoy a luxurious experience at this beautifully modern day spa and bathhouse. For its holistic approach to wellness, Soak Bathhouse has received our award for this year’s Most Unique Day Spa Experience – QLD. At Soak Bathhouse, cofounders Alexis and Niki have lovingly created an environment where guests can linger, relax, and socialise rather than immediately rushing off their next appointment. Alexis understands the difficulties of staying healthy while juggling the pressures of work and family commitments. Without sufficient rest and recovery time, our overall health will ultimately suffer. After booking a weekend away to recharge, Niki and Alexis felt rejuvenated in their physical and mental wellbeing. Soak Bathhouse was created as an affordable alternative to health and wellness retreats. The business offers more than occasional indulgence, aiming to help people incorporate nurturing routines into their daily lives. The definition of relaxation is different for everyone, but Soak Bathhouse is passionate about delivering high quality and accessible experiences to all. The relaxing bathhouse and spa invite guests to put stress on pause and nourish their body, mind, and spirit. Soak Bathhouse is not a traditional day spa. Visitors are encouraged to laugh aloud and socialise with friends while they soak. Soak Bathhouse is a tranquil environment with beautiful colour schemes and natural materials designed to contribute to guests’ physical wellbeing. In this restorative setting, likeminded Soakers can unplug from the daily grind and connect away from energy sapping social scenes. Alexis shares, “Spaces such as Soak Bathhouse are growing in demand as people seek a type of wellness experience that involves connecting with others through social, communal bathing. We are seeing a huge focus on people wanting to prioritise both their health and wellbeing with a holistic approach. People want to prioritise their self-care and one of the ways they are doing this is by connecting with others through a wellness soak.” Soak Bathhouse was launched on the Gold Coast in 2020 and opened a rooftop bathhouse in Brisbane in 2022. Its facilities include warm mineral pools, hot spas, a cold plunge, a traditional cedar sauna, steam rooms, and relaxation areas. With 90 minute soak sessions, guests can experience a microdose of wellness by moving between hot and cold therapies to boast their immunity and ease any pain. Visitors can also unwind with private treatments including full body massages, a private infrared sauna, and LED Express facials. Soak Bathhouse is proud to host an experienced team of therapists who conduct massages that leave guests feeling renewed. It is the business’s objective to make wellness accessible and affordable. The bathhouse provides luxury experiences at a reasonable price, enabling more guests to create a new kind of wellness routine. Looking to the future, Soak Bathhouse will launch into a new market in 2024 with a location in Bondi Junction, Sydney. Bondi Junction resides in the heart of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and the business will be the first of its kind with a central Sydney location. Cofounders Alexis and Niki aim to open several more locations in Sydney, Melbourne, and Queensland that will be announced in due course. At Soak Bathhouse, guests can experience the relaxation of an exclusive retreat at an affordable price. Its dazzling facilities and beautiful surroundings create the perfect environment to unwind and reenergise on a whole new level. Soak Bathhouse helps individuals incorporate wellness routines into their daily lives to create meaningful change and connect with their true selves. We cannot wait to see what revitalising experiences the business will unveil in the years to come. Soak Bathhouse has received our award for this year’s Most Unique Day Spa Experience – QLD. Contact: Soak Bathhouse Company: Alexis Dean - CEO Web Address: