New Year 2024

32 | LUXlife Magazine Best Family and Lifestyle News Platform 2023 Engaging actively with the bustling parenting and lifestyle communities in the region and operating as a beacon for valuable, engaging, and relevant content, OPW Media teams up with a variety of companies and organisations that focus on parents and children. The media outlet has fostered strong and good relationships with top brands, whose products and services significantly enhance the lives of its audience, offering invaluable insights. These collaborations go beyond mere partnerships; they exemplify a shared commitment to supporting parents and families. This dedication is poised to persist as the team actively seeks additional partnerships, reinforcing the publication's position as a leading and reliable information source at the forefront of the sector. OPW Media is founded on the core belief of delivering independent and reputable features and reviews to its trusting audience, a principle of particular significance in today’s climate where influencers, whose voices are prominent in the landscape, possess mixed credibility levels. Virginia emphasises, 'Maintaining trust and credibility in our features has been a constant and unwavering value for us, upheld by our team in all our articles.' This commitment to independence, combined with a dedication to building strong community bonds and contributing to societal betterment, serves as the guiding force for the team. Their goal is to consistently provide content that is not only meaningful but also reliable across the board. The high value articles provided by OPW Media establish a distinct presence, bolstered by the company’s ability to swiftly publish quality articles. With more than 500 of these articles released annually on its online platform,, and actively shared across various social media channels, the result is satisfied sponsors who can reach their target audience much quicker compared to traditional weekly or monthly publications. This strategic approach not only enhances the visibility of the content but also amplifies its impact in the fiercely competitive and ever-evolving digital media landscape of Singapore and the wider Asia-Pacific region. In a post-Covid environment, an exciting resurgence has taken place in the parenting and lifestyle sphere. Virginia describes, “With increased engagements and a rise in travel opportunities for parents and individuals, our team has expanded our coverage to include more travel-related topics, tapping into booming lifestyle industries.” The response to this shift has been overwhelmingly positive, evident in the high levels of engagement the firm achieves across both the articles it produces and its social media channels. Here, its posts receive a considerable amount of interaction, serving as quick access to useful information. With today’s parenting journeys often extending beyond what was considered the norm in prior decades, as adult children stay with their parents for longer and young parents and young children transition into older parents and older children, OPW Media’s team of experts can help its readers manage these new situations. Articles are curated specifically for this increasingly diverse group of parents, who navigate the often-challenging family dynamic. Even grandparents actively engage with the platform, especially those transitioning from parents to grandparents and beginning to care for their grandchildren. This award is one of the many awards received by the publication over the last decade, showcasing its distinction within the sector and serving as a testament to its unbridled commitment to effectively aid the parenting and lifestyle community. In conclusion, Virginia states “This award serves as reassurance of our commitment to strong collaboration. It signifies Our Parenting World Media (OPW Media)'s unwavering dedication to working hand-in-hand with our valued business partners. Central to our mission is providing invaluable and reliable information to our cherished readers, who form the core of our community. This prestigious award is a testament to our relentless commitment to serving our audience with excellence. Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate the continued growth of Our Parenting World Media (OPW Media) and the further strengthening of these collaborative relationships. We remain devoted to contributing to the ongoing success of all parties involved, fostering a thriving ecosystem where our readers, collaborators and business partners flourish together.” We congratulate Our Parenting World Media (OPW Media) on this award and invite our readers to check out its excellent offerings through both its platform and social media presence. Contact: Virginia Goh Company: Our Parenting World Media (OPW Media) Email: [email protected] Web Address: Instagram: @opwmedia Facebook: Based in Singapore and primarily serving Singapore and the Asia Pacific region, Our Parenting World Media (OPW Media) has been operating for more than a decade, founded by Editor-in-Chief Ms. Virginia Goh. The baby and parenting segment is one of the media industry’s fastest-growing outlets, and OPW Media has established itself as one of Singapore’s premier digital media companies. With content spanning various topical areas of focus such as parenting tips, education, lifestyle events/products, and family-friendly events, the company has become a leading force in the region. It is this diverse array of offerings that sets the company apart, and its distinct and wide-ranging approach has earned it a special place in the hearts and minds of its dedicated audience. We have the pleasure of catching up with Virginia, who provides further insight into the platform, its readers, and successes in the space.