New Year 2024

New Year 2024 | 33 Founded by Andy Hnilo for the sole purpose of bringing premium, all-natural products to the skincare market, Alitura now stands as the industry leader in high quality, organic, and effective skincare solutions. Through both a meticulous ingredient selection process and the fusion of science and nature, Alitura has created a line of products that promote healthy and radiant skin, without damaging the environment in the process. Join us as we explore its catalogue in more depth, and how its skincare collection encourages customers to pursue clean, holistic beauty solutions. Eco-Conscious Clean Skincare Brand of the Year 2023 there simply isn’t anything they can’t do. Alitura focuses on a nutritionfirst approach, further amplifying the ability to repair and restore, with its products compiling carefully sourced, active ingredients that accelerate the healing process of the skin. At the time, Andy used himself as a science experiment. Now, Alitura is concocting lifechanging products aplenty. In Andy’s own words – “We make really good products that are good for your body, and for our planet.” There is so much power in nature just waiting to be harnessed, and Alitura is one of the first to truly recognise this staggering potential. Its blends are unique, fresh, and formulated to perfection, completely free from any filler. As such, customers are treated to a potent product whose quality is nothing short of premium. Combined with the brand’s acute awareness of how to respect both the natural world and human beings alike, Alitura has set the standard for organic skincare. Having already come so far since its inception, Alitura shows immense promise for the future. As the world begins to embrace the natural message more and more, there’s hope that brands like Alitura can truly spread their wings even further than before. And with such a stellar line of products just waiting to be explored, Alitura truly is the pick to integrate into a natural skincare routine. Contact: Andy Hnilo Company: Alitura Web Address: Serving a wide range of clients, from skincare enthusiasts to those seeking a more natural approach to looking after their skin, Alitura is a leading, all-natural skincare company that prides itself on its commitment to sourcing only the very best ingredients. It believes that nature has all of the answers that the sector has been searching for, and has gone above and beyond to formulate a catalogue of premium products that suits the ever-growing demand for organic skincare. Now, it’s known far and wide for its quality, both in terms of products and services, ultimately granting it a platform to spread its message of clean care and healing. Alitura is in the art of fashioning natural ingredients into products that treat skin with the delicacy it deserves, and has since created a masterpiece via its range of pure skincare items. Meaning ‘to feed and to nourish’ in Latin, Alitura lives up to this notion through its bountiful selection of products. However, to truly understand the purpose of the brand’s existence, we believe it necessary to turn our attention back to Andy. In 2011, tragedy came knocking. Struck by several large vehicles while crossing a busy street, Andy found himself hospitalised and riddled with facial scarring, amidst various other critical injuries. Hoping to repair the damage done to his face, Andy got to work making his own natural skincare products at home. However, in doing so, he realised something that would reshape his life forever – if he could recover and bounce back through the use of organic skincare products, so could others. And so, Alitura came to be. Sourced and made in Hawaii, the products that the brand creates exist to make a difference in the lives of those who may feel as though their skin is beyond saving. Andy, however, refuses to accept that this is ever the case – so long as one treats their skin with the kindness of nature, and perseveres with their recovery, 'Visit Alitura.Com and use coupon code 'LUXLIFE' for 20% off the Alitura collection!