LUX November 2017

LUX - November 2017 13 innovative and open to the influences of the most modern design trends, has been utilized by the prestigious designers and boasts the creation of special kitchens signed by some of the world’s leading architects, such as Zaha Hadid and Jean Nouvel. We are customer-oriented: our approach is focused on the customer satisfaction. Our distinguishing features are related to the constant attention in high quality products, both for design and research on materials and technological solutions, as well as the possibility of having a tailormade product that can meet the aesthetic and functional personal needs. Ernestomeda’s headquarters in Montelabbate (PU) is located in the same region of the beginning, it’s deeply tied to its origins and it efficiently covers the entire production chain, ensuring maximum quality performance. Made up of more than 32,000 square meters (of which 18,500 square meters of factory) and with a staff of 101 employees, the company is structured in 13 departments that support every aspect of production and research, controlling every single stage of processing: from warehouse to the carpentry and cabinetry department, that executes tailor made programs based on specifications needs expressed by the consumer. Kitchen Design Specialists Established in 1996, Ernestomeda’s constant evolution and orientation towards cutting-edge styling have made it a leader in the high-end designer kitchen market. Its respect for ethical, environmental and functional values is fundamental to the company and it’s reflected in projects with a strongly distinctive character and style, which find favour with an increasingly discerning, fashion-conscious consumer segment. Apart from the distribution of its products through many multi-brand interior design stores, a key role in Ernestomeda’s market presence, both Italy and abroad, is played by its single-brand showrooms located in major cities in Italy and internationally. Ernestomeda has also Ernestomeda Yacht Division, the corporate division specifically created for the detailed design of galleys for yachts, mega yachts and pleasure crafts. In the past, we received some other awards recognition. For example, in 2013, Ernestomeda won the prestigious Red Dot Award with Icon, the kitchen styled by Giuseppe Bavuso and launched during Eurocucina 2012. The project was selected by a panel of 37 international experts who had tested, reviewed and evaluated 4,662 kitchen appliances products from 54 countries in the world. Ernestomeda won in the category “Product Design”. In 2017, Ernestomeda won the “Le Fonti Award”, in the category Innovation & Leadership - Luxury Kitchen Design. This prize had been awarded, in particular, for being an Italian excellence, leader in the field of highly emotional and technological shows capable of focusing on creative research and continuous technological innovation. An important international recognition that confirms the company’s commitment to achieving ever- increasing quality standards. Here at Ernestomeda, we are honoured about our success in the 2017 International Trade & Export Awards. It means that judges were particularly impressed with Ernestomeda’s luxury and innovative kitchen design. Our firm invests heavily in research and innovative technology, which creates designs that look to the future, whilst also meeting fundamental aesthetic and functional needs. This one could be the reason why Ernestomeda stood out as one of the best in the high-end design industry as the title shows: Best Mega Yacht Kitchen Design Specialists - Europe. Our mission is to identify and implement kitchens where design, quality, research and innovation are the distinctive features. We aspire to distinguish ourselves on the international scene, spreading the values of our Made in Italy, furnishing the kitchen environment with exclusive, innovative and quality products. In an increasingly competitive industry market, we strive to provide the highest standards of service to our customers by personalizing the details, interpreting and responding to an ever more attentive client, refined and contemporary. The Ernestomeda range includes more than 10 programs, featuring a wide range of stylistic solutions. Each kitchen meets different needs and tastes: bases and wall units are available in a wide range of colours, materials and finishes, complete with a wealth of accessories and details. Ernestomeda’s style, strongly Ernestomeda was founded in 1996 and today its constant evolution and orientation towards cutting-edge styling, have made it a leader in the high-end designer kitchen market. Taking time to provide us with an in-depth profile of the kitchen design firm, is a spokesperson for Ernestomeda. “ Our mission is to identify and implement kitchens where design, quality, research and innovation are the distinctive features.” Our flagship product is Icon, designed in 2012 by Giuseppe Bavuso, recently appointed as art director of the Company. Icon has been created using solutions of great technical and innovative value, a strong visual impact, finishing elements capable of modifying the sense of comfort and giving the kitchen an interpretation which is not only aesthetic, but also tactile. The research on materials was fundamental. Ernestomeda Yacht Division, the company sector specialized in the design of galleys for yachts, mega yachts and large pleasure craft, is proud to work with the CRN, Custom Line, Pershing, Mochi Craft and Ferretti boatbuilding yards, stars in the production of “made to measure” installations, specially developed for the marine sector. Therefore, our company has several expansion plans over the next 12 months period. Concerning the Ernestomeda single-brand showrooms, new openings are scheduled in Melbourne, Pune, Bangkok, Mumbai, Beijing, Shanghai and Zurich during 2017, just to mention some of them. Contact: Manuela Pinna Contact Email: [email protected] Company: Ernestomeda s.p.a., Via dell’Economia 2/8, 61025 Montelabbate, Pesaro (PU), Italy Telephone: 0039 0721 48991 Web Address: