LUX November 2017

LUX - November 2017 5 Deborah’s first reaction was disbelief. For one who had hair so thick that stylists had charged her extra for a blow dry, this came as a complete shock, followed immediately by a knee-jerk reaction of terrible fear. Keeping her reaction from her daughter was a challenge and she didn’t mention her discovery to anyone, not even her husband. She became so concerned that she made an appointment with her family doctor on arrival home. The rest of what should have been a wonderful getaway was mired by Deborah’s underlying fear that was escalating by the hour. Unfortunately, the family doctor didn’t have the answers Deborah wanted to hear. She was told it could be an autoimmune disorder called ‘Alopecia Areata’ and that a consult with a dermatologist would confirm whether the cause was fungal or unknown. Sure enough, the dermatologist confirmed that Deborah’s condition was not easily treatable as it was not fungal in nature and, the doctor had no treatment advice for her. As she found this unacceptable, Deborah sought out a new dermatologist for a second opinion. ® Nutrient Replenishment Biology A Story of Hair Regeneration What occurred next was absolutely shocking: the second dermatologist told Deborah she could indeed be prescribed medications, however, the drugs had a 75% chance of failing and came with potential negative side effects. Alternatively, the doctor told Deborah she could either endure painful steroid injections in her scalp, or just learn to live with the condition. What was even worse for Deborah to hear was that her hair loss would most likely worsen over time. Feeling utterly hopeless, downcast, and fearful, Deborah faced the reality that she could, in fact, go completely bald in her mid-forties. Faced with the terrifying prospect of baldness, Deborah, who had always been focused on a natural and healthy lifestyle, began her own research into natural solutions for hair loss. Unfortunately, at that time there were no natural, scientifically proven options on the market, but she decided that she had nothing to lose by trying the few different natural products that were available. With letdown after letdown and much optimism going down the shower drain with her hair, she was at a dead end. None of the products worked, even after giving them sufficient time to do what they had promised. No one, and nothing, seemed able to deliver the help she desperately needed. The medical community offered a dismal 75% rate of failure, with potential side effects and a lifetime of drug use or painful treatments. Hairstylist professionals could only offer chemical filled shampoos as that was their only treatment option, and the natural health products were just not working. Deborah felt trapped in a situation that was causing her tremendous stress and knew that the more stress she felt, the worse her condition became. At this point, Deborah was no closer to solving her hair loss issue and her condition had worsened. It seemed as though the hair loss was destined to creep up and over the top of her head leaving her bald and completely devastated. Unwilling to face the future without hair, or covered in a wig and unable to enjoy life with her husband and children the way she was accustomed to, Deborah forged on. She was continually checking to see what new products were being introduced to tackle this utterly miserable and life changing condition. She The seeds of Replenology were planted in October 2007, when Deborah was enjoying a little trip away from home with her teenage daughter. Driving down South Ocean Boulevard in beautiful Sunny Isles, Florida, with the sun shining and singing to the latest hit on the radio, Deborah brushed the hair back from her face. But when her hand reached the back of her head, she knew something was terribly wrong. She felt a completely bald patch, perfectly circular and just larger than a pound coin or a US quarter. A Story of Hair Regeneration LUX International Magazine Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2017 Replenology - Best Natural Solution for Thinning Hair