LUX November 2017

LUX - November 2017 7 A Story of Hair Regeneration could see very clearly that there was a monstrous gap in the market for an effective, natural, pain free, side effect free, healthy product to reverse this horrendous affliction. And, the thinner and patchier her hair became, the more she realized that there were people all around her suffering in silence without a healthy and effective solution. Never before had she truly seen the women and men affected by hair loss, but she now knew how millions of people were feeling. She was struggling, like so many others, to accept that her appearance, confidence, and identity could be permanently changed against her will. The fear, humiliation, and anxiety of her hair loss, that she was forced to confront on a daily basis, were affecting her personal and professional relationships. After helplessly watching Deborah’s battle over the years with alopecia and diffuse hair loss, her husband, Peter Feldman, and co-founder of Replenology ® , also recognized the need for a product to address hair loss in a natural, healthy manner. Peter had been involved in the drug development field and had an extremely qualified colleague with a PhD in molecular biology, Dr. Luciano Marra. In addition to being a professor of anatomy with many years of experience in both pharmaceuticals and nutrition, he was also an expert in traditional Chinese medicine, and a registered nurse. Despite the fact that Dr. Marra sported a beautiful head of thick, healthy hair and had never even thought about hair loss, he was intrigued. He questioned how it could be that, in this day and age, a problem that afflicts so many men and women was without a healthy and effective solution. Dr. Marra decided to take on the challenge and help to create a product that would satisfy not only Deborah’s needs, but those of millions of hair loss sufferers. Using his knowledge of conventional and alternative medicine, he began by researching all of the scientifically proven causes of hair loss and their biological markers. He then compiled a list of botanical ingredients that have scientific evidence of targeting 21 known causes of hair loss . What became very obvious through his research, was that products on the market today target only one known cause of hair loss, and he knew without a doubt, that this was the reason why current hair loss products were not effective and their success rate was so dismal. At this point, Dr. Marra became completely committed to changing the conversation around hair loss causes and solutions. After more than a year in the lab devoted to the science behind hair loss and the natural botanical solutions, Dr. Marra and Mr. Feldman developed the Replenology Hair formula. Backed by their extensive research, Replenology would fully address the 21 causes of hair loss, both internally and externally. The Replenology solution would not just include a beneficial shampoo and conditioner, but would offer an around the clock treatment program. The treatment also includes a topical nutriment to be applied to affected areas at night and left on while sleeping, as well as a nutritional oral supplement that would replenish the body with all the nutrients necessary for healthy hair growth. As soon as the initial trial sample of the night time nutriment became available, Deborah tried the regimen and kept with it. Within a few short months of daily application, she felt the results. Little spikes of new hair were breaking through the surface and for the first time in years, she felt hopeful that she would return to having a full head of hair. She is about 80% of the way there now, and no longer feels despondent each morning when readying herself for the day. Deborah can absolutely see, and feel, the light at the end of the tunnel, and she is sure that Replenology could brighten the lives of so many other hair loss sufferers. However, it is not only Deborah seeing and feeling the results. The chief formulator where Replenology was being produced, decided to try the product himself. After all, his wife was a homeopathic practitioner and felt that all the ingredients in Replenology could only benefit his hair and overall health. He had only a sparse covering of short, fine hair across the top of his head when he first started applying the Replenology Nutriment. Within approximately 6 months, the new growth was so substantial that he actually had to have the hair on the top of his head trimmed! Needless to say, the chief formulator is also positively thrilled with the results of using Replenology. Deborah believes that, given the choice, nearly everyone would prefer to have a full head of healthy hair. She no longer has to worry about covering up the bald or thinning patches. She enjoys a full social life and doesn’t have to worry about which way the wind might be blowing, so that she can position herself to avoid the embarrassment of her hair loss. Her confidence has returned, and she is looking forward to a future with an abundance of healthy hair. Deborah still does not know what caused her hair loss to begin with, but she does know that a solution now exists, which fits perfectly with her natural and healthy lifestyle and that actually works. Peter Feldman has announced that Replenology, targeting 21 known causes of hair loss, is now commercially available as a clean label product, void of any harmful ingredients and verified by the American organization, Environmental Working Group (www. . In addition, the product has been tested and cleared by the Banned Substances Control Group ( , providing athletes and professionals a product for hair loss that is both effective and safe. In addition, laboratory studies have been undertaken to evaluate the effect of Replenology on hair stem cells. Initial test results are extremely positive, as they have shown Replenology’s ability to regenerate hair stem cells - a crucial factor in the reawakening of dormant hair follicles. These, and many other findings, support the science with which Replenology was developed. It has been a 10-year journey for Deborah, but with the creation of Replenology Hair it is a journey that she now travels with a positive outlook and a lot more hair. She is excited to continue the journey, and to share her personal story with all those who have been searching for the natural, healthy, scientifically developed, and personally proven hair loss solution that Replenology Hair provides. Web: Facebook: Replenology “Deborah believes that, given the choice, nearly everyone would prefer to have a full head of healthy hair. She no longer has to worry about covering up the bald or thinning patches.”