Parent & Baby Awards 2019 Page 11 LUX Parent & Baby Awards 2019 Since its inception L’il Fraser has paved its way as the go-to brand for baby swaddles and cot sets. Today, the company offers a stylish range of baby sheets, swaddles and cot sets made from pure cotton. All of the firm’s products have been designed to address the needs of parenthood, because its team understand the needs of parenthood and have crafted their products around their own experience and understanding. The firm’s baby wraps were designed by founder Kate McIntosh in early 2004 during pregnancy with her son, and as such they were created by someone with the experience to offer a unique product that will meet the needs of new parents and their babies. Her son Oscar was born four weeks prematurely and even though he was 5lbs 10, Kate was unable to find a wrap that was big enough to keep him wrapped up tightly enough to promote the feeling of the womb but also have the ability to enable him to move. The perfect baby wrap had to address a number of important elements. It had to be large enough to accommodate babies of all sizes and have enough stretch to allow freedom of movement without unwrapping during their precious sleep time. Therefore, Kate designed her own solution, and the L’il Fraser Collection was born. In creating her collection, she also created a unique weaving technique to ensure a natural stretch without synthetic fibres being used in the manufacturing process. As a result of this parent-focused approach, many new and experienced mothers recommend L’il Fraser to those who want to create a comfortable, nurturing and attractive environment for their baby. Australian-owned L’il Fraser crafts stylish and comfortable baby swaddles designed to create a safe and relaxing environment for young babies. We profile the firm to find out more about its creative product offering. L’il Fraser Collection Most Stylish Baby Wrap 2019 - Australia Renowned for its nursery style, the L’il Fraser Collection has been designed to accommodate babies of all shapes and sizes. Its collection has been created to allow new parents to express their individuality and keep their baby safe and comfortable at the same time. Looking ahead, L’il Fraser will continue to enhance its product offering to meet the needs of parents in today’s market. Company: L’il Fraser Collection Contact: Katie McIntosh Website: