Parent & Baby Awards 2019 Page 17 LUX Parent & Baby Awards 2019 As allergies and nutrition become a key focus for consumers, and particularly parents, the healthy food market is booming. Despite this, there are still many issues around the presence of allergens and high levels of sugar present in many snacks. Seeking to remedy this is MadeGood, a family business and passion inspired by a lifelong relationship with healthy foods and designed to meet the needs of today’s market. Siblings Nima, Sahba and Salma, wanted to create products that provided exceptional nutrition and great taste for their families and consumers in a way that respects the environment and the people in its community. From humble beginnings in 2013, when the firm was founded with just three desks, three computers and three chairs, MadeGood has since grown by leaps and bounds. In March 2013, the family-owned and run company purchased its first facility near Toronto, by September the same year the company had made its first sale. Today, just a few years later, MadeGood distributes internationally to over 40 countries and is the only certified organic allergen-free facility in Canada. As a result, the firm is able to offer parents the peace of mind that their child is enjoying healthy, nutritious snacks that are safe for allergy sufferers. In the UK, the firm recently launched the country’s first totally allergen free granola snack bar that is safe for children to take to school. These delicious bars, which are available in Asda, taste great and provide essential vitamins from vegetables for children, making each bar a perfect lunchbox treat or snack for everyone. Renowned Canadian snack brand MadeGood® is now making waves in the UK and throughout Europe with its creative approach to tasty, healthy and allergen-free treats that will tempt even the most discerning of children. We explore how the brand is bringing its delicious delicacies to new markets to drive growth and greater success. MadeGood Best Healthy Children’s Snack Manufacturer - Europe To offer full reassurance, MadeGood granola bars are made in a facility free from the most common allergens. As such, parents can rest assured that each bar is allergy friendly and safe for schools, clubs and playgrounds everywhere. These delicious bars are already a hit in the UK, and moving forward MadeGood will remain committed to enhancing its brand recognition and showcasing its tasty treats to even more children and parents over the years to come. For more information visit the MadeGood Facebook page @madegooduk Company: MadeGood Contact: Rachel Bowden Website: