Parent & Baby Awards 2019 Page 9 LUX Parent & Baby Awards 2019 As consumers increasingly focus on reducing their carbon footprint and eschew traditional ‘fast fashion’ in favour of buying quality, ethically sourced investment pieces, many companies are exploring ways to provide the quality and style that clients desire. Often it can be tough to combine the latest trends and styles with ethical sourcing, and this is particularly true of children’s clothing. Once company that is working to overcome these challenges is Kidz on Trend, which since its inception, has worked hard to act as the ultimate one-stop shop for organic, ethically sourced children and baby clothing and accessories. Alongside the quality brands of ethically sourced, sustainable children’s clothing, Kidz on Trend also takes great pride in its customer service. The firm’s team send out packages promptly and efficiently and deal with all queries as quickly as possible. It is this client-focused approach that has helped the firm to welcome many customers back time and again to purchase new products. It also sets the firm apart from its competitors in the industry and marks it out as a great option for those parents seeking quality children’s products that are good for both them and the environment. With clothing ranges from birth to 10 years provided from brands including Frugi, Blade & Rose, Kite, Toby Tiger, Maxomorra, Piccalilly and Didriksons, Kidz on Trend is able to offer its clients the best of everything, all in one place. Recently, Kidz on Trend has expanded its product range to include ethically sourced and ecologically friendly home items to suit a wide variety of tastes. This latest development Kidz on Trend is a specialist stockist of organic cotton and ethical sourced children’s clothing and accessories. In celebration of the firm’s win in this year’s Parent and Baby Awards we profile it and share an insight into the unique products it has to offer. Kidz on Trend Best Ethically Sourced Children’s Clothing Retailers - England will help the company to support even more clients and offer them the chance to purchase quality products and rest assured that they are not damaging the environment or the societies in which they were made. Looking ahead, Kidz on Trend will continue to enhance its offering in order to cater to even more consumers and help them to make sustainable choices that benefit them and future generations. Company: Kidz on Trend Contact: Tracey Heseltine Website: