Parent and Baby Awards 2020 Page 11 Page 10 LUX 2020 Parent & Baby Awards LUX 2020 Parent & Baby Awards It might seem like an odd time to launch a Korean brand that revolves around playmats in Europe. For this generation of children, digital devices are the norm around which everything revolves. That said, the team behind CreamHaus believe it is the role of parents to ensure that their child has the opportunity to explore physical play as well. This is fun, safe and incredibly educational, allowing children to extend their motor functions and imagination. In the last two years, the firm has started to make an impact on the marketplace, with its unique offering appealing to many people. The size of this start-up has allowed the team to focus on what customers want first and foremost. Passion and a sincere sense of care have been key to success so far, providing consumers with the security that they are receiving a quality product. For people across the world, COVID-19 has changed the way in which everything is done. The global pandemic has been a gamechanger for those the length and breadth of Europe. Working from home has applied not only to parents, but to the children too. Their day-care, kindergarten, schools and sports are out of action. This has only increased the need and demand for shock absorbent playmats which enable somersaults, active playing, dancing and other activities within the home. The firm has a range of different products that can meet the incredible variety of needs that children might need during these challenging times. Being able to bring active fun into the home in times where outdoor activities are restricted has been invaluable, with products that can be easily wiped clean and stored away. CreamHaus Europe has played a crucial part for many who have been undergoing lockdowns. The main selling point of every product from CreamHaus Europe is its commitment to not using harmful chemicals, and this has allowed the team to apply appropriately stringent standards at every level. At a base level, each mat and tent that CreamHaus Europe sells are designed for the needs of modern families. Minimalistic design allows for easy storage, while soft colours make it easy to integrate a playmat into the home. Of course, a young child playing can be incredibly noisy, so the Creamhaus team have worked to ensure that their mats reduce floor noise and make play fun for all. One of the more pioneering steps from the team has been the proposal to incorporate ‘Green Parenting’ into their products. As climate change continues to have a major effect on the world, the firm has committed to helping to have as little an impact as possible. ‘Green Parenting’ involves the creation of safe and healthy spaces and environments for children. It’s just one of many ways in which the team’s commitment to high standards is able to have an impact on their work. Looking forward, CreamHaus Europe is very optimistic about the future and has found itself in an strong position. This is a credit to Iben and her team, with their capacity to adapt to changing events allows the business to thrive in uncertain times. Even with the challenges of today’s world, she has led the team through some impressive product development that will allow the business to expand its offering. Working alongside the team in CreamHaus Korea, where products are developed and produced, it’s clear that something truly special is coming up. When CreamHaus Europe started, it was with the aim of distributing products without harmful chemicals. This commitment remains first and foremost at every stage of the firm today and has proven to be an incredibly appealing factor for those looking to provide a playmat for their children. For these reasons, the firm is a worthy winner in this year’s Parent and Baby Awards. Company: CreamHaus Europe Name: Iben M Johannesen Web Address: