Parent and Baby Awards 2020 Page 15 Page 14 LUX 2020 Parent & Baby Awards LUX 2020 Parent & Baby Awards Finding the latest and greatest in the baby and toddler marketplace is no mean feat, especially when considering the sheer volume of products that are available. For those who want to find something a little unusual, however, it can be difficult to breakaway from the brands that we all know and love. In Qatar, Ten Little Toes makes those items which make a baby unique available to an unfamiliar audience. Ten Little Toes stands apart because it is led by Modawi Al Ansari, a mother who keeps an eye on what parents want for their kids. As a mother to five beautiful children, a business owner and an entrepreneur, she knows not only what parents want and need, but how to ensure that they get it. Aimed at the curious and educated individual, Ten Little Toes offers tried products that are genuinely different. The values of integrity, accountability and creativity have led the team to success, as they offer customers exclusive brands and products that are unavailable anywhere else. Recently, the team have seen a trend towards eco-friendly, biodegradable and organic products, meaning that they have been able to reach out to those brands which specialize in these fields. Since 2012, Ten Little Toes has developed a name and a reputation for excellence, which allows it to undertake There are so many firsts in a baby’s life that parents work so hard to capture. Their first words, first steps, first laugh, and so much more. One of the things that many parents today want to cherish is their baby’s first few years of life as a whole. Photography is the perfect way to do that, and the whole team at Flutterby is so privileged to be able to help capture a baby’s first few days in the world. Being a part of a new family is an honour, and the team know it, which is why every possible luxury is taken to accommodate the family. All of the team make sure that all of the parents feel completely relaxed at every stage of the photography session, and that the precious new arrival is taken of with only the finest and best care imaginable. Mhari-Clare Green is the head of Flutterby, and brings with her a wealth of photography experience and baby knowledge from her time as a radiographer. Combining the two worlds together makes for a truly amazing photography experience. Mhari-Clare also brings with her plenty of tips and tricks to help babies settle and sleep soundly that have had many parents eternally grateful when they get home. Each session with Mhari-Clare is about more than just creating beautiful images though. The photography experience that Flutterby provides Everyone wants the best for their families, especially those tiny tots who are just making their first steps into the world. Buying online gives parents access to a remarkable range of different options for their kids. The team at Ten Little Toes lead the way in this field, providing an incredible array of different options for their customers. We take a look at how this online marketplace has thrived, achieving success in LUXlife’s Parent and Baby Awards 2020. Immortalising the first few days, weeks, and months of a newborn’s life is amongst one of the most precious things that parents can do. Being able to look back at photographs of their perfect little baby captured in beautiful elegance is a joy that every parent should get to experience. Flutterby Newborn Photography is a specialist studio that focuses solely on newborn babies and their families. Discover the luxury of capturing a baby’s first few steps forever. Aug20131 s Ten Little Toes Best Online Baby & Toddler Products Marketplace – Qatar Flutterby Newborn Photography Best Newborn & Maternity Photographer - East Ayrshire these sorts of exclusivity deals with product manufacturers. Everything that Ten Little Toes sells is exemplary, but the team always try to go one step beyond. Recently, the team have been proud to sign an exclusive distribution contract with Spectra Baby. This renowned supplier of natural nursing technology is a well-earned addition to the team’s impressive list of producers, allowing those in Qatar to access the best quality at a competitive price. The team are always looking at new ways in which they can grow and expand, and during the pandemic, the chance has been taken to relocate, rebrand and enhance the image that Ten Little Toes has already built for itself. The secret of the team’s success has been a determination never to settle for what they already have, instead continuously looking to new and brighter successes. The continual introduction of new brands and products in the market has been vital to ensuring this success. Like all businesses, COVID-19 has had an impact on the work that Ten Little Toes does. An almost full lockdown was a challenge to be embraced as opposed to suffered, however. The team quickly moved to ensure that they could continue to fulfil incoming orders throughout the crisis. Being based online has proven incredibly useful, with parents still able to access the high-quality essentials that they might need throughout the crisis. There are so many options available to parents now, with an international marketplace of items and products that can make yours and your little ones lives so much easier. Ten Little Toes is a collection of the best of the best, curated by a parent, for parents. Love and care go a long way when it comes to ensuring your baby gets items of an exemplary standard, which is precisely what Ten Little Toes provides. Company: Ten Little Toes Name: Modawi Al Ansari Web Address: is about creating a beautiful experience for babies and parents alike. That is why each photoshoot has a dedicated day’s length, so that time is never an issue and everyone can feel totally comfortable at all times. Part of what makes everything so relaxing is the fact that the studio itself is also a very relaxing place to work for the photographers themselves. Mhari-Clare and her team at Flutterby are dealing with families at one of the happiest times int heir lives, and it is such a pleasure to be a small part of that experience with them. This makes Flutterby easily one of the most family-oriented businesses in East Ayrshire. COVID-19 has unfortunately played a part in the service that Flutterby has been able to provide, particularly with pregnant women and young babies seen to be especially vulnerable to the virus. Yet, despite closing the studio, all was not lost for Mhari-Clare and the team at Flutterby. Instead, the team devoted themselves to practicing their photography elsewhere and also staying up to date with the latest emerging developments. Everybody has continued their photographic development, with regards to lighting and framing, and also editing software and the various techniques they include. That positivity also extends to the future, with Mhari-Clare looking to possibly open another studio, or even entertain the thought of franchising. For all the excellence of Flutterby and Mhari- Clare, the studio would not be where it is today without the beautiful families and babies who put their trust in the team to capture these most precious of moments. Luxury does not begin to describe the service that Flutterby provides, but the privilege of seeing a newborn be loved by their family is luxury indeed. Company: Flutterby Newborn Photography Contact: Mhari-Clare Green Website: Flutterby Newborn Photography