Parent and Baby Awards 2020 Page 17 Page 16 LUX 2020 Parent & Baby Awards LUX 2020 Parent & Baby Awards Mizzie the Kangaroo was created to support early childhood development in an authentically Aussie fashion that is caring, fun, safe and natural. Home of Australia’s award-winning Original Natural Teething and Educational Toys, Mizzie the Kangaroo provides products that are natural and eco- friendly, designed by parents to support core skill and sensory development and learning in babies and toddlers. Mizzie is the Queensland-born kangaroo who is fun, natural, caring and safe and is here to help little ones develop with a variety of toys, from the beloved 100% natural rubber teething toy to sound books, music boxes to puzzles. Mizzie’s core purpose is to combine a fun learning experience with the research that shows that the first 1,000 days of a baby’s life are critical, setting the foundation of their future learning journey. Created by parents, for parents, Mizzie provides the tools of fun, educational toys to reassure parents they are giving their bubs the best start to life, even during playtime. Mizzie prides itself on having a truly Aussie approach to business that is fun, caring, natural and supportive. The internal culture at Mizzie thrives on these attributes and as a small but dynamic team, the organisation shares the passion and drive to see their toys bring joy and encourage development in children all across the world. New team members are recruited Mizzie the Kangaroo is the nurturing, Queensland- born kangaroo playmate for babies and toddlers. Home to Australia’s award- winning Natural Teething and Educational Toys, Mizzie the Kangaroo was created by parents to support early childhood mind activation and learning as well as core skill and sensory development in a fun, engaging way. Their number one product is Mizzie the Kangaroo’s 100% natural rubber teething toy and has become a much-loved toy by babies all over the world. Aug20380 Mizzie The Kangaroo Best Teething Toy 2020: Mizzie The Kangaroo not only for their experience and knowledge, but also for being personable, approachable, enthusiastic and driven. Alongside Mizzie’s core values of developing young ones through fun in a quintessentially Aussie way, customers are at the heart of the Mizzie brand. The team prides itself on its exceptional customer service that is a mix of professionalism and friendliness. Customer feedback is vital to helping Mizzie develop and expand and the team’s number one feel good is the response on social platforms from the Mizzie community. Success for the Mizzie team is being able to see all the happy bubs playing with their Mizzie toys. Consumer feedback also provides Mizzie with vital information about the market, so they know how to evolve their brand in order to stay relevant. Recently, for example, consumers are looking for more toys to give as gifts, leading to Mizzie developing a range of gift sets. There is also an increased demand for natural and eco-friendly toys and Mizzie products being 100% natural and packaged using as many recyclable materials as possible, parents feel great about their purchases, as they assist in the early development of their children without costing the earth. The company is also seeing the shift to online shopping, which has meant some major adaptions in distribution strategy for Mizzie, leading to some exciting opportunities such as a larger global reach. Mizzie is looking forward to the return of the in-store shopping experience, as this is where they would like to grow their presence, however, while many are restricted on physical travel, they are working on servicing online demand. Brand ambassadors and influencers have been a vital asset in these uncertain and challenging times, and Mizzie is so grateful to be working with so many passionate parents and babies. These collaborations will remain just as vital as Mizzie looks to the opportunities ahead. Celebrating its five year anniversary in October, the month of October will be jam- packed with announcements, celebrations, and hops down memory lane. Currently working hard behind the scenes on many new and exciting things, Mizzie is continuing to share their virtual journey with bubs all over the world in each of their fun learning journeys. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Mizzie the Kangaroo and the rest of the team! Company: Mizzie The Kangaroo Contact: Sandra Ebbott Email: [email protected] Grazyna Wynne-Griffiths Email: [email protected] Facebook: mizziethekangaroo Instagram: mizziethekangaroo Web Address: For four decades, The Learning Experience has stood proudly as a beacon of childcare excellence, ensuring that every child it has ever worked with has the opportunities to learn through hugely enjoying and stimulating fun activities. Since being founded, The Learning Experience has positioned itself as an early childhood academy that provides children with the opportunity to learn through play like never before. It was developed and opened in 1980, and has since worked tirelessly to positively impact the lives of children by developing and implementing ground-breaking care and early childhood education programs throughout the United States. As it has been since the day the practice was born, three core principles of education and care are the foundation of the approach that The Learning Experience takes with all of its children. The three in question are that of cognitive learning, physical playing, and socially growing. Each of these principles is a key element that The Learning Experience has worked to make a part of its service, and each one fulfils a necessary part of quality childhood development. Being stimulated by what is around is imperative for children to learn more about the world, as well as their own Early years education is so vitally important for a child’s proper development, that making sure a child gets all the opportunities they can is one of the most exciting things about parenting. For the children and families of New Jersey, that excitement comes in the form of The Learning Experience, and its centre based in Manasquan. There, children can learn and develop through play that stimulates their physical, cognitive, and social growth. We learn more about this exceptional centre and what it provides. Aug20148 The Learning Experience Manasquan Most Engaging Early-Years Education Provider - New Jersey capabilities and social skills. Encouraging this atmosphere of playing, learning, and growing, The Learning Experience is truly outstanding in its support for parents and children alike. Approaching early years education with innovation is so important to what the team at The Learning Experience are doing for children everywhere, and nowhere is this more apparent than at the firm’s Manasquan branch in New Jersey. Taking a truly innovative approach, The Learning Experience in Manasquan offers the highest quality day-care and early education through comprehensive and detailed curriculums for children that include are engaging, effective, and above all else, fun. Content within these engaging and effective curriculums are always based on the latest research from scientists around the world, as well as trends that are sweeping the parenting community when it comes to early childhood education. Each of the centres that The Learning Experience has built over the last forty years are all designed with the latest features and innovations that can promote learning and enhance security. Manasquan is a prime example of this innovation, including age- appropriate furniture and details that makes the experience all the more inclusive and immersive for children of any age. Everything is designed to stimulate the senses and inspire exploration in these tiny adventurers, learning more about the world with every step they take. From a security standpoint, The Learning Experience has ensured that all staff and registered families receive a security fob which is required to gain access to any of the facilities. Having a safe space for children to learn, play, and grow is absolutely imperative for their development, and can also give the parents a much-needed peace of mind. A child’s development is one of the most wonderful things, and The Learning Experience puts that front and centre in a place that is as luxurious as it is innovative, secure, and exciting. Company: The Learning Experience Manasquan Contact: Krystyn Gallant Website: center/manasquan-nj/