Parent and Baby Awards 2020 Page 19 Page 18 LUX 2020 Parent & Baby Awards LUX 2020 Parent & Baby Awards From humble beginnings with their own youngest children, Nicky and Amanda started a round-the-clock dialogue about their babies’ sleep patterns to help support one another when issues arose. After supporting one another and seeing the benefits that it had, the pair got thinking and came up with the idea for Little Ones; a business that would help others who were struggling with their own children’s sleep habits and patterns. With the knowledge collated and the experimentation that Nicky and Amanda had tried, Little Ones began to write its first sleep program. The firm took off, and Little Ones was selling its guides across all things baby. However, as any new parent will tell you, sleep, of lack thereof, is a real pain point that many want to solve quickly. Parents were crying out for sleep guides, and Little Ones was able to offer the advice that parents craved. The sleep advice that Nicky and Amanda originally sold was very basic, Taking care of sleeping baby is one of the most luxuriously adorable things that a new parent can do, but it can come with its own set of worries and stresses. Sleeping patterns can often be a cause for concern, with many parents often citing the lack of sleep being one of the most interesting things about parenting! However, there is a solution. Little Ones provides baby sleep programs via an online platform and mobile app, where parents can be empowered to more confidently respond to their little ones’ needs. Sep20114 Little Ones Leading Providers of Infant/Toddler Sleep Nutrition Plans 2020 & Commitment to Excellence Award in Early-Years Health & Wellness 2020 including little more than schedules and some basic notes. After a few months of success, the pair opened up a free customer support group on Facebook. There, anyone who had the guides could join and seek further advice from other like-minded parents. However, the support group quickly became a drain on resources and time. Nicky and Amanda needed a way to keep going sustainably. Fortunately, the same thing that was the problem soon became the solution, in amazing fashion. The women who were already customers of Little Ones in the support group were taken in by Nicky and Amanda, before being upskilled through an online and in-house training program to get them ready for work. Today, these amazing customers are working certified sleep consultants in the massive customer support group, so they can continue to provide support to tired families. These customers have become a massively successful resource. Together, all the women began to add more and more content, which turned the basic twelve-page guide into a detailed and comprehensive 300- page lifeline. Content changed over time, with schedules being updated and new techniques for getting babies to sleep also being present. By the end of 2016, this was far more than a side-business for Nicky and Amanda; it was something special. Just eight months after launching, the pair quit their day jobs in a bid to help parents all over the world get the sleep for their babies that they deserve. Now with customers in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and the United Kingdom, Little Ones has become a vital tool in parents’ arsenals when it comes to bedtime. Soon after, Nicky and Amanda were joined by sleep consultants from the United Kingdom, so that the firm could provide 24/7 support to customers anywhere in the world. Success came in even more forms for Little Ones. Once the global audience was tapped into, Nicky and Amanda were approached by a sleep neurophysiologist from Australia who wanted to endorse and recommend the sleep programs. 2018 saw the business approached by Tara Sofair, an accredited practising dietician who was passionate about infant feeding and providing a research-backed nutrition guide to assist parents on their baby and toddler’s food journeys. Tara and Little Ones teamed up and released the Baby Nutrition Program, a fully comprehensive guide to starting solids and baby nutrition from four months right through to twelve months. Another business adventure the award-winning team have worked on is their mobile app. A one-of-a- kind responsive mobile app that walks you through your day for all your baby’s sleep and feed needs. Babies are so reliant on their parents for almost everything, and being knowledgeable enough about vital aspects such as sleep and food is so important. Parents such as Nicky and Amanda came together in trying times to support one another, and that support has spilled over into welcoming every parent from around the world. No matter where you are in the world, or how restless your baby may seem, Little Ones has the knowledge and techniques to help that little bundle of joy get all the luxurious sleep they deserve. Company: Little Ones Contact: Rhyanna Culley Website: