Parent and Baby Awards 2020 Page 27 Page 26 LUX 2020 Parent & Baby Awards LUX 2020 Parent & Baby Awards Mama Bamboo is dedicated to offering products that are Best for Baby, Best for You and Best for Mama Earth too. A sustainable, healthier alternative to standard disposable plastic nappies and wipes, Mama Bamboo products are made from 100% bamboo fibre which is breathable, temperature regulating and naturally antibacterial. While many nappy brands seem to accept nappy rash and staggering amounts of non-biodegradable waste as an inconvenient precondition of their products, Mama Bamboo is proving that this is not the case. A small, close-knit team of working parents, Mama Bamboo is a unit of diverse skills and experiences that collaborate to constantly develop their services and products. Actively seeking those who want to return to work on a part time basis following a period of maternity or paternity leave, Mama Bamboo has established itself as a brand run by parents for parents. Living by their three fundamental principles, all Mama Bamboo products are designed and tested to provide babies with a healthier start in life, removing the unnecessary chemicals and discomfort of wearing unbreathable, chafing plastic products. Mama Bamboo never compromises on quality. Winning several prestigious product awards for performance, beating both other eco ranges and standard big brand ranges, they are proving that you don’t have to compromise on performance to go green. Mama Bamboo has created its easy-to-use online subscription tool for parents, allowing them to manage their accounts effectively and Growing families face an immense challenge, namely ensuring that their kids can get the high quality clothing they deserve at a price they can afford. As children grow so quickly, it can be difficult to justify splashing out on those little luxuries, but the prices items sell for at Me ‘n Mommy To Be make it hard to say no. Since 2004, the team have bought and sold name brand maternity clothing, kids clothing, toys, shoes, books, furniture, equipment and gear. It’s a place where the highest quality brands can be found, providing an ideal solution for growing families. The business is split between physical locations in Las Vegas and Ankeny and an online store. This means that those in the USA can pop into a store and see what is available, the team’s fulfilment center in Las Vegas means that stock of the business is available to the world. Me ‘n Mommy To Be is a truly international organization. The customer experience is key to the success of Me ‘n Mommy To Be. No matter where you buy from, customers are sure of an amazing time. Some places make resale into an overwhelming experience, but the team at Me ‘n Mommy To Be know that it’s possible to make it just like any store in a mall. It’s somewhere that people feel comfortable coming to, and where they know they will find the ideal item for their kid. Key to developing this welcoming atmosphere is the team that make up Me ‘n Mommy To Two years ago, mothers Jennie and Laura found themselves disappointed with nappies that were commercially available, horrified by the general acceptance of nappy rash as a part of a baby’s early life and the staggering fact that eight million single use plastic nappies are thrown away every day. The pair decided to create their own nappy brand that would care for babies’ health and comfort without having a detrimental effect on the environment. Mama Bamboo was born. Resale stores have become increasingly popular over the years, buying their merchandise from individual owners to resell on a broader scale. The team at Me ‘n Mommy To Be have proven to be the leading providers of this service to those who want to buy kids and maternity items. In the light of their success in the Parent and Baby Awards this year, we take a closer look at what exactly they have to offer. Aug20214 Aug20508 Mama Bamboo Best Bamboo Nappy Company - UK Me ‘n Mommy To Be Best Kids & Maternity Resale Store 2020 - USA efficiently, offering flexibility around timings and quantities for each order. Subscription clients are guaranteed that their products will always be reserved and never understocked. This conscientious care has been more valuable than ever in these unusual times, promising the delivery of guaranteed peace of mind. Finally, Mama Bamboo nappies offer one of the most sustainable disposable options available. The company takes pride in being certified by FSC for all their bamboo harvesting, as well as the only company using 100% compostable liners and packaging. Mama Bamboo is also freight carbon neutral through the use of biofuels and electric vehicles, as well as their carbon offsetting partnership with the Bamboo Village Uganda. Mama Bamboo’s efforts for sustainability extend beyond their own brand, as they campaign to make changes across the UK. The company has partnered with UCL on a research grant to put forward a set of proposals for DEFRA for the establishment of local collection and industrial composting facilities for all compostable Absorbent Hygiene Waste products. There is currently only one facility in the whole of the UK, and the establishment of more across the nation would be immensely beneficial to the country’s efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. As a result of the population’s increased awareness of the plastic problem presented by standard nappies and wipes as well as the potential harm of the chemicals used in those products, Mama Bamboo has seen a huge rise in demand. The reliable subscription service offered has also become immensely popular, particularly during the pandemic. Whilst the Covid-19 outbreak initially posed some problems as a spike in worldwide demand led to shortages of non-woven products, which were principally used for PPE, Mama Bamboo was able to overcome these issues. These solutions have informed the company’s ‘Subscription Guarantee’ policy of reserving subscribers’ products, which has been well met by clientele. It has also led to the investigation of differing operational models to enter and support further international launches which will see a reduction in lead times and shipping direct to international clients on a wider scale. As such, it is clear to see that Mama Bamboo has got ambitious plans for the future. Beginning with the launch of a complementary compostable nappy bag product in October 2020, Mama Bamboo is continually expanding and developing, revolutionising the impact of the nappy industry on babies, parents, and Mama Earth. Contact: Laura Crawford Company: Mama Bamboo Web Address: Be. Only the best talent is employed as part of this business, ensuring that the ultimate service makes it to customers. Employees and buyers are highly trained in the service industry, so they can ensure that the best prices make it through to the customer. Anyone who has enjoyed the service of Me ‘n Mommy To Be would not be able to argue with what they’ve found. Kids and maternity items can be difficult to find, and even more difficult to find at the right price, but the team have found a way forward that allows everyone to access the best possible quality at an incredibly competitive price. Company: Me ‘n Mommy To Be Web Address: