Parent and Baby Awards 2020 Page 31 Page 30 LUX 2020 Parent & Baby Awards LUX 2020 Parent & Baby Awards For parents who have seen their children grow up and become older, there are few scenarios that they can empathise with better than a new parent struggling to deal with sleepless children in the night. That was how Jade Dharmana began life as the owner of The Sleeep Lab. Having raised her own children through those sleepless nights, Jade started her business as a way of helping families understanding the benefits of good and proper sleep. It is not just a luxury for parents to have a baby who sleeps through the night. Whilst this is most definitely the case for many parents, Jade founded The Sleeep Lab with the aim of improving sleep for families to give children the best start in life by meeting and reaching their optimal health and development needs. What is unique about the way that Jade works is that she dedicates a minimum of two weeks to work with parents in guiding them through the process from start to finish. Rather than coach the child directly on sleep habits and patterns, Jade implements a plan where the parents are coaching their own babies, which in turn gives them control on how to handle future issues when Jade leaves the client. Throughout the entirety of the process, Jade holds the parents hand as they make some big transformations, not just for the baby, but for the family as a whole. Her priority is always to ensure that the process is as gentle as possible, and focused on keeping the emotional wellbeing of the child at the centre at all times. CannyMum has always been a family affair. It started when Helga Stamati found that chemicals in baby products were causing rashes with her baby daughter. When she switched to using water and cloth wipes, the problem was solved, but she wanted something that had the convenience of disposable wipes as well. The result was the award-winning CannyMum Bamboo Wipes, combining a biodegradable material with the purest of baby wipes. This makes the CannyMum solution one that is kind both to the environment and the child in equal measure. The final product is exceptionally soft, using no chemicals in the name of being the natural choice. Because these innovative wipes were created to avoid rashes on children, they are kind by design. They offer the choice of being used equally well whether wet or dry, with only water needing to be added to transform them into the ultimate aim to cleaning up a mess. Sourced from the most effective renewable options possible, buying from CannyMum is a sure-fire way to reduce anyone’s carbon footprint. Where many companies will move to expanding their services in the light of success, the team at CannyMum have always focused on building community. They have taken on a vital position as educators of a community, encouraging parents of all types to take the steps towards a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Sleep is vitally important for everyone in their daily lives, but babies and infants requires more sleep than most, despite parents often feeling like they get the complete opposite. For those sleep-deprived parents, The Sleeep Lab focuses on sleep coaching children, introducing healthy sleep habits for infants, babies, and toddlers. Owned and operated by sole proprietor Jade Dharmana, we take a closer look at the firm to learn more about its fantastic work. The use of skin-aggravating chemicals in baby products worries many parents, with your tiny tot developing distressing rashes. The team at CannyMum know just how worrying this can be and have spent years developing a disposable wipe that is kind to babies and to the environment. We caught up with this impressive firm to learn more about the secrets of their success in LUXlife’s Parent and Baby Awards. Aug20505 Aug20342 The Sleeep Lab Best Infant & Toddler Sleep Coach 2020: Jade Lianne Dharmana CannyMumWipes Best Eco-Friendly Baby Wipes Brand - UK Sleep has become an increasingly important part of people’s lives as COVID-19 has seriously affected family life. Many parents are working from home, and some children have not been outside to get daylight or exercise. Both of these factors have a measurable impact on sleep, and so Jade has had to adapt certain aspects of her sleep plans to account for these big changes in the home. All of Jade’s sleep plans as part of The Sleeep Lab are adapted to the individual, which is crucial when knowing that each child and family that she works with are entirely unique. It is not just the clients that have been affected by COVID-19 however, as Jade has had to adapt her own service delivery methods too. Now, because of the virus pandemic, Jade has had to deliver her service and business offerings through online and virtual methods more and more. Typically, she would carry out home visits to meet the family, but that has been restricted due to lockdown. It has made no difference to the quality of Jade’s service, and has actually allowed this entrepreneurial business owner to focus on future plans for virtual offerings going forwards. Jade’s business is global thanks to the power of digital communication, and whilst most of her client base is currently in Hong Kong, she has also worked with clients in Europe, Singapore, Hawaii, and the Philippines to date. Looking to the future, as well as planning for a more digital service offering, Jade is currently working towards a health and wellbeing coach qualification. The future goal for The Sleeep Lab is to offer an integrative service for the whole family. Sleep is such a huge part of people’s overall health and wellbeing, but there are so many other factors involved in optimising a balanced life. This applies to both children and adults, and so Jade wants to cater to the whole family unit. In her own family, everyone focuses on being the best version of themselves where they can, by exercising, being outdoors, eating healthily, meditating, and limiting screen time. Jade’s desire to coach others on the core values of health and wellbeing is nothing short of admirable, and a mentality that deserves the highest praise. Having refined her knowledge and understood more about the world of sleep and its myriad of benefits to the human body, there are few better equipped to help new and old parents alike get their children off for the perfect night’s sleep. Company: The Sleeep Lab Contact: Jade Dharmana Instagram: @thesleeeplab Website: This position is just one of the reasons why consumers are becoming more aware of the chemicals used in their everyday essentials and why the alternative that CannyMum offers is a viable solution that could revolutionise the way in which they live. One of the best things that CannyMum has done is offer a solution that is not only ecologically minded but acts in the same way as a traditional wipe. As more parents come to appreciate the purity and sustainability of the bamboo wipes, the team will be able to expand their product range. CannyMum’s commitment towards sustainability shows in everything that they do, carrying through not only the amazing products that they make, but through making the move to plastic free packaging in their continued move towards achieving this goal. From the very start, CannyMum Wipes have been designed to be soft to the touch and pure to the core. The team have spent a great deal of time and effort in ensuring that they answer this niche in the market that has been waiting to be filled. The team provide a solution that has been sorely needed by parents around the world and is of benefit to all. The continued success of their products is not only a credit to them, but the reason they have been recognised in this year’s Parent and Baby Awards. Company: CannyMum Wipes Name: Helga Stamati Web Address: