Parent and Baby Awards 2020 Page 33 Page 32 LUX 2020 Parent & Baby Awards LUX 2020 Parent & Baby Awards Back in 2010, the business that is today known as Finch & Folk originally had a different name a different purpose, but a similar mission. Founder Rachel McKenzie has always had a passion for ensuring that babies have the most luxurious products and toys to play with, to stimulate their growth and development. Rachel originally was in charge of her first firm, Babee Blocks, where she began making her own soft block toys for children. That soon led to the change in name to Babee & Me, which finally transitioned once again to Finch & Folk. Around this time, Rachel was fortunate enough to welcome her second son into the world, and took it upon herself to learn how to sew. Armed with these newly flowing creative juices, Rachel soon found herself making new products. She began to experiment, and soon she had a wide variety of baby products that oozed luxury and were perfect for families all over Australia. As Rachel’s skills and passion grew, she found herself wanting to create product that were not the usual concoction of bright primary colours found in usual stores up and down the country. Instead, Rachel aimed to position Finch & Folk as a brand that offer products which would last longer, use more luxurious quality fabrics, and offer personalisation on some items. Slowly but surely, the brand grew and Finch & Folk offered products that were both organic and non-organic, but just as luxurious regardless of their nature. However, it was not enough for Rachel to simply have Finch & Folk offer a range of luxury products; it had to deliver products that were safe too. That is why the brand also independently safety tests all of its toys for children of any Based in Tel-Aviv, a city on Israel’s Mediterranean coast, Cococho™ has aimed since the very beginning to provide innovative and practical solutions for busy parents who wish to keep their babies close while performing daily tasks. Their first product, the Cococho baby carrier is leading the way forward, allowing many to thrive both in living their lives and keeping their babies close. What sets the Cococho baby carrier apart is its position as the only soft structured baby carrier that secures and supports the baby in the carrier before loading onto the parent’s front or back. This major innovation has revolutionized the babywearing experience, focusing on an ergonomic approach for both parent and baby. Safety is always at the forefront of the Cococho approach, with the team’s circumferential support and unique wearing method allowing parents to carry a baby on their backs at an incredibly young age. Moving the baby from the front of the body to the back is an ergonomic, practical, and even safer alternative when compared to the controversial front and forward-facing position. Babywearing is such a unique field because it is so incredibly personal. No two parents or children have the same needs. As such, guidance must be bespoke. The team have made a special effort to ensure that every product that they release is provided with clear tutorials and excellent customer support. Professionals are involved at every stage, such as babywearing instructors, developmental physiotherapists, chiropractors in order to ensure that products can only help those who wear them. In this sector, tastes and preferences in terms of mesh fabrics and fashionable patterns are Baby products are so important to a baby’s development, alongside the luxurious love and care provided by the parents and the wider family. Products that are organic are just as luxurious, if not more so, for a baby and definitely aid towards their development in ways that other products simply cannot match. We at LUXlife today take the time to highlight one of the premier organic baby products brands in Australia, Finch & Folk. Busy parents need innovative ways to keep their babies close and perform daily tasks. The Cococho baby carrier is the solution that modern parents need. We take a closer look at the team and how they have managed to achieve such success in this field in this special edition of LUXlife. Sep20166 Aug20287 Finch & Folk Best Organic Baby Products Brand - Australia Cococho LTD Most Innovative Baby Carrier 2020 (Europe): Cococho™ age, ensuring that they meet the applicable safety standards both at home in Australia, and all over the world. Whilst this may be costly and somewhat limiting for new ideas, it is an essential part of the industry, and one that often other handmade makers cut corners with and don’t bother doing. One of the many benefits to working with Finch & Folk is that the firm is run solely by Rachel, so clients only ever have one point of contact who understands what it means to want the best baby products for a baby. Rachel’s desire to deliver the best has led to her using local contractors of the highest quality, whilst also drawing on her wealth of sewing experience and expertise. Finch & Folk does also have an offshore ethical manufacturer in India, which is a family-run business that has a wonderful connection with Rachel. Closer to home, Finch & Folk has also built a reputation for being an excellent source of partnership and collaboration with local artists and illustrators, both groups of whom can have their design used a lot in the fabrics that Rachel puts together. Many of Rachel’s designs are utterly timeless and elegant, though the process of raising a baby is often anything but those things. Gender-neutral colours and exquisite designs come together to create baby products that would be the pride and joy of any parent and toddler group. With the ability to ship its exclusive range of organic and non-organic products to clients across the world, every parent can experience the luxury of baby products from Finch & Folk. Company: Finch & Folk Contact: Rachel McKenzie Website: always changing, so the team chose basic colors that transcend geographic locations as well as baby and parent gender. Instead, they focus on ensuring that the fabric is to the highest possible quality. Cotton is used instead of synthetic mesh, and is entirely breathable throughout. The pandemic has changed many things for parents, with many being forced to be more tolerant and more adaptable than they previously have been. Staying at home for many hours at a time with their child means that a practical tool such as the Cococho baby carrier is not just a luxury, but a lifesaver. Looking ahead, the future seems bright for the team at Cococho. The team has some exciting plans underway that will only add to an increasingly successful line of luxury products. 2021 will see the launch of two new accessories for the Cococho carrier, as well as another carrier model. This is designed to be a hybrid of the model that is already on offer with a sling. When it comes to finding a way to get closer to your little one, a baby carrier is the ideal solution. It creates an intimacy that is hard to argue with. What sets Cococho apart is the attention to detail that they place on ensuring that your baby is in a healthy position that will allow them to thrive in later life. This consideration is what sets the business apart from the competition and is why they have been able to achieve such a high level of success. Company: Cococho LTD Name: Galit Gilboa Web Address: