Parent and Baby Awards 2020 Page 35 Page 34 LUX 2020 Parent & Baby Awards LUX 2020 Parent & Baby Awards In 2019, registered midwife and seasoned veteran of the midwifery world Jeanette Dean was unexpectedly made redundant with just two days’ notice. Rather than allow herself to be beaten by this redundancy, Jeanette instead began exploring ways in which she could provide her expertise and her knowledge to more parents than ever before. As a result, she founded her own firm, Positive Pregnancy and Parenthood, which aims to provide hypnobirthing courses, antenatal education and information courses, pregnancy aromatherapy massages, and one-to-one support for those who have had a difficult birth previously. Bringing a child into the world is no easy thing, but there are ways in which Jeanette can help parents-to-be look back on their journey with love and happiness, being confident in all the choices made along the way. Positive Pregnancy and Parenthood has a simple yet powerful mission; to enable, support, and prepare parents for pregnancy, labour, and birth, so that they enter their labour and birth in a positive frame of mind, making decisions from a place of knowledge and understanding. Jeanette has long been passionate about parenting, and has devoted the last 10 years of her life to educating people about their choices in pregnancy, labour, and birth, and she actively encourages all people to ask questions, gain information, and be involved throughout the process. Mobile and When mums Kristina and Celeidh began their tabletop business in October 2018, they could never have foreseen how rapidly their idea for a brand of sustainable children’s tableware would spiral. Now supplying over twenty countries worldwide, eco rascals® provides stylish tableware designed to ease messy mealtimes that does not cost the earth. From suction and section products to snack boxes and straws, eco rascals® has covered every dinner time eventuality in its non-toxic range. While the majority of children’s tableware is built from durable but sustainably lacking plastic, the eco rascals® range is crafted from food grade silicone and organic bamboo, chosen for its rapid maturation process, that includes being grown and harvested without pesticides. Organic bamboo is eco-friendly, biodegradable, heat, stain, odour and water resistant and non-toxic, making it the perfect choice for the eco rascals® brand. eco rascals® is first and foremost centred around family values, with an internal culture that is truly joyful. Alongside making sustainability stylish and innovating and producing eco-friendly children’s products, Kristina and Celeidh also want to build a business that positively contributes to local communities both socially and environmentally, making the lives of parents and caregivers easier. Most importantly, however, they want the best for their own children and their customers’ children too. While a number of their sources such as digital marketing, accounting and operations have been outsourced, customer service remains with the company itself, enabling them to deliver the highest possible standards in customer care. Pregnancy and parenthood can simultaneously be one of the most exciting times in life, and also one of the most stress- inducing and nerve- wracking. Those who are about to become parents find themselves needing to learn so much about the pregnancy journey, the process of labour and birthing, and the world of parenting once this beautiful bundle of joy has come into the world. That is why Jeanette Dean founded Positive Pregnancy and Parenthood, to give prospective parents the tools and information they need to face the most exciting times in their lives with positivity and passion. As mothers to five children under five, Kristina and Celeidh are very aware of the stressful and messy nature of mealtimes with children. In an effort to keep the majority of their lovingly prepared food off the floor in a way that doesn’t cost the earth in plastic, the pair created Eco Rascals, a sustainable children’s brand whose first line of products offers parents a solution to happier mealtimes. Aug20436 Aug20640 Positive Pregnancy + Parenthood Best Independent Midwifery Service 2020 – Merseyside & Most Outstanding in Pregnancy Aromatherapy Massage - Merseyside eco rascals® Best Eco-Friendly Baby Feeding Products 2020 flexible with her appointments, Jeanette will always support people and their families throughout their personal pregnancy journey by providing flexible, individual, and holistic care as they prepare for parenthood. The job of parenting has become much harder in recent years, as the discussion around gender identity and stereotyping has become more prevalent in society as a whole. Although not a “trend” per se, Jeanette has made sure that her services through Positive Pregnancy and Parenthood do address this conversation, and any worries that many parents may have. Words and pronouns have never been so important, as clients who are excited to become parents can take many forms. Where previously it has been common to refer to the pregnant person as a she, Jeanette is fully aware that there is an increasing number of people who identify otherwise, or who are in the process of transitioning from female to male, and uses appropriate language for a positive experience. One of the other major elements to life in 2020 that Jeanette has had to be aware of is the COVID-19 pandemic. Many parents have been forced to give birth without their loved ones beside them, which can be hugely detrimental during what should be an incredibly exciting time for everyone involved. Fortunately, Jeanette has always been on hand to help her clients get the advice and help they need. She has focused on offering her courses online via Zoom, and will continue to offer this to enable clients to reach her outside of her normal geographical area. As well as this, Jeanette has joined in with a Community Interest Company called Beautiful New Beginnings, and through funding received from the Lottery, they, and other experts have been able to offer free support and information to a growing number of people from across the country. This kind of information and support can be invaluable for parents-to-be who have struggled throughout lockdown, and not been able to attend birthing classes or support groups where they might learn about pregnancy, labour, birth, and beyond. Despite being a relatively new business, Jeanette is keen to see Positive Pregnancy and Parenthood grow organically, and hopes that the personal recommendations she receives will keep her with a steady flow of clients in all areas. Ultimately, every parent-to- be should be able to access information and education that can empower them to be the best and most positive parents they possibly can be. Jeanette’s service is as luxurious as it is exceptional, and should be used by every parent that is even remotely worried about what the future might hold for them. Company: Positive Pregnancy + Parenthood Contact: Jeanette Dean Website: Despite being a relatively young company, eco rascals® has experienced exponential growth since the autumn of 2018, when the brand was launched in the UAE. Now, eco rascals® products are available to be purchased in the UK and beyond, in a number of independent and large retailers such as Kidly, Natural Baby Shower and Kiddies Kingdom. The brand works on a distribution model in most countries, except the UK, UAE, Singapore and Switzerland, where they handle direct retail sales. The launch of the UK ecommerce site has been an exciting addition to eco rascals®, but was by no means planned; 20,000 products had arrived in Europe for resales to Italian, Spanish and Polish distributors when Covid-19 hit, and the distributors told the company they would not be collecting nor paying for the products. The ecommerce site was launched in the UK to accommodate these products and continue business activity during a challenging period, but the resilience of this ambitious young company has enabled it to pull through. Once the restrictions put in place as a result of Covid-19 in Spain were lifted, eco rascals® Spanish distributor increased their month on month orders by 100%, enabling the company to flourish. This is opening up even more opportunities as the company looks to further increase, including the addition of four new unique products to their range. Having not only survived by thrived over the past few months, we are excited to see what the future has in store for eco rascals®. Contact: Celeidh Cook Company: eco rascals® Web Address: