Parent and Baby Awards 2021 Page 19 LUX 2021 Parent and Baby Awards The Moms Co. was born out of a mom’s need to give only the best to her babies, and it is on a mission to help moms make natural, safe and effective choices for themselves and their families. The Moms Co. Best Online Mother & Baby Skincare Products Retailer – India Aug21678 struggle to find safe and natural products for the founder, Malika Sadani’s daughters. When Malika’s elder daughter had her first skin reaction, she realised it was difficult to find quality natural products for babies in India that were both safe and effective. She started The Moms Co. with a mission to help moms make natural, safe and effective solutions for themselves and their families. The Moms Co. spends a lot of time formulating and testing its products – It ensures that every ingredient passes the toughest global standards on safety, and once the products are formulated, they undergo various analytical and stability tests. All of The Moms Co.’s products are clinically tested for safety and Certified Toxin-Free, Made Safe and Allergen-Free by Safe Cosmetics Australia. They are also Certified Cruelty-Free by PeTA. It does not use parabens, sulphates, mineral oil and many more harmful or potentially harmful ingredients in its products. If there is any concern raised on a particular ingredient in the scientific community anywhere in the world, that ingredient won’t be included in the company’s products. The Moms Co. works with a principle of nature in, toxins out. It is imbibed in every aspect of its products – right from formulation to packaging. It works with experts from India, Switzerland and Australia to create the safest natural products. All its ingredients are checked against top five international toxicity databases before they are used in the products to ensure nothing but the safest ingredients are used. The company is constantly on the lookout for alternatives to plastic packaging that can help it to leave the environment cleaner and greener. In order to help its consumers reduce their plastic footprint, it has partnered with rePurpose Global, a platform that helps neutralise their plastic footprint. When a consumer places an order on The Moms Co. website, they have the option of donating Re. 1 towards reducing their plastic footprint. This helps rePurpose Global to collect and recycle single-use plastic which would otherwise end up polluting the environment. The contribution also helps empower marginalised women who work in the waste management sector. Pregnancy is the time when a woman starts seeing things from the lens of how safe a product is or what the ingredients are and if they are harmful. Due to the pandemic, people have become conscious of what they are using on their skin, how it affects them and how it affects the environment. The mom and baby market is huge and is relatively under-serviced. Through The Moms Co.’s products, moms can be confident about the choices they make for themselves and their babies. Even before the pandemic, a lot of moms were looking for safer, natural and effective options for themselves and their families, which puts The Moms Co. on track to achieve growth by three-times year on year. In a short span of four years, the company has been able to reach over two million moms across the country. However, when the lockdown was announced, it did find it to be a difficult time because it had to shut down its operations and there was a lot of uncertainty. Meanwhile, the markets have now opened back up, and The Moms Co. has seen a spurt of demand and interest from parents and retailers for its products. It is now using the opening up as an opportunity to expand its distribution further and deeper across the country and hopes to be in over 10,000 stores in a year, from 1,500 today. The Moms Co. is also now very excited to be creating a Mom Skincare product range. There are a lot of changes that come into a woman’s life after she becomes a mom and the company aims to continue its journey to make life easier for moms by focusing on creating natural, toxin-free products that help solve their face, skin and hair concerns, along with its range of baby care products. Company: The Moms Co. Contact: Malika Sadani Email: [email protected] Website: