Parent and Baby Awards 2021

Page 20 LUX 2021 Parent and Baby Awards Aug21760 GROWTRADE LTD Best Travel Accessory 2021: KneeGuardKids Children younger than the age of nine are too young to place their feet on the vehicle floor on their own, so their legs hang and the backs of their knees lean against the edge of their seat, making the hips go forward and adding weight to the knee joint, which causes constant pressure and cuts off blood circulation, potentially causing blood and lymph circulation disorders. Consequently, this leads to tingling sensations in the legs, otherwise known as pins and needles, and numbness which can cause the child to feel uncomfortable in their seat. Instinctively, they will look for ways to improve their uncomfortable position, such as crossing their legs or kicking the back of the front seat in an attempt to relieve muscle tension, which can be dangerous in a situation of sudden braking or a collision. A car seat will only protect a child if they remain in the correct seating position. Jolanta Stepowska, Dr of Rehabilitation, said, “Lack of support under the legs in the sitting position decreases muscle tone in the whole body and the child’s silhouette looks limp. It manifests itself in the back, not resting with its full surface on the rest, and the head has a tendency to move forward instead of being kept within the headrest where it is protected.” Malgorzata Paleczny, MA of Physiotherapy, said, “You only have to take a look at the position of the child who is sitting in a car seat without the footrest. In such, a kid’s thighs are pressed all the time, which unfavourably influences blood and lymph circulation – they simply suffer from leg numbness so they start to fidget.” With quick and easy installation, the adjustable KneeGuardKids footrest steadily supports legs, relieving pressure on muscles and joints and enabling adequate blood circulation and no numbness of the feet, thighs or buttocks. Supported legs also enable the child to maintain the stable position of the hips and back, meaning no more discomfort and ensuring safety in their seat. This all amounts to minimising of the child’s reluctance or fear to travel, making the experience more enjoyable for everyone. The KneeGuardKids car seat footrest provides support, comfort, safety and correct seating position to ensure children remain effectively protected during car travel. The KneeGuardKids footrest has been crash tested, having passed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 213 ‘Child Restraint System’ by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in USA. The correct seating position at the time of an accident is essential in the safety of the child. One of many pleased Amazon customers left the following feedback about the product: “I wish we had found this foot rest sooner... 11 years sooner! This would have relieved so much road trip stress if we had had this with our first two sons! We could not make it 30 minutes down the road without my daughter complaining that her neck hurt, she wasn’t comfortable, and the tears! We purchased this for a recent trip and the only complaint we heard was that she was cold! She is now comfortable when we travel thanks to this foot rest! “It was easy to assemble and install. It swivels side to side so getting in and out of the car is easier for her. It is also adjustable so that when she grows we can still use this footrest. It comes apart easy so we can travel with it and store as needed! Do yourself and your child a favour, buy this footrest!” Company: GROW TRADE LTD (exclusive distributor) Website: