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4. Asociace jihočeských rodin z.s.: Best Children’s Technical Education Provider - Czech Republic 6. Nannytax: Best Nanny Payroll Services Provider 2022 – UK 7. Mikro Australia: Best Eco-Luxury Educational Play Brand 2022 – APAC 8. MyBabyGift. (Lula & Tuti baby designs Pte Ltd): Best Branded Baby Gift & Hamper Provider - Southeast Asia 9. Nannycare: Best Goat Milk Formula Brand 2022 - UK 10. Maria Culley: Most Inspiring Early Years Nanny 2022 11. Fondation Fleurs des Champs: Best Day Care Centre - Southern Switzerland 12. Alitura: Best Natural Clean Skincare Products Company 2022 13. Bump, Birth & Beyond: Most Educational Antenatal Class Provider - UK 14. Irene Organics: Best Postpartum & Baby Skincare Company - Northeast USA 15. Baby Erasmus S.L: Best Bilingual Early Childhood Education Center - Southwest Spain 16. The Moms Co: Best Natural Parent & Baby Skincare Brand 2022 - India 17. Daisychain Childcare (Weston) Ltd: Nursery of the Year - North Somerset 18. Europa Family Child Care: Most Affordable High- Quality Childcare Centre – Western USA 19. Imagination Station Early Learning Center Inc: Most Nurturing Childcare Center - Greater Boston

Page 4 LUXLife Parent & Baby Awards 2022 Jul22633 The Asociace jihočeských rodin z.s. is a nonprofit organisation handling the provision of care services for children of preschool age, developing sports and cultural awareness on behalf of the families whose children become their service users. Nominally, it wishes to help families have access to all the relevant resources, education, and professional aid that they could possibly need in order to raise children who will thrive in a contemporary world, but still carry a deep knowledge of and respect for their own culture. Making itself the backbone of divorced parents, single parents, foster parents, parents with children under the age of 6, and others in the diverse world of raising today’s youth, it encourages the children who come into its fold to grow into forward-thinking, adaptive, and future-ready young people. Fundamentally, it fosters their curiosity about the world and their place within it, encouraging their hankering for learning. This increases their future employability, giving them access to a great deal of independent learning and teambuilding skills that will blossom into skills perfect for a modern working environment, ensuring that they will leave school with a Supporting families in the southern territories of Bohemia, Asociace jihočeských rodin z.s. is an all-round and sustainable non-profit association. With the name translating to the ‘Assocation of South Bohemian Families’, its team of diligent and empathetic people work hard to provide those all over the region – especially in the city of Písek, Vimperk, Strakonice, Kestřany and Heřmaň – with the childcare support network that they need in order to raise happy, healthy children with bright futures. Asociace jihočeských rodin z.s. Best Children’s Technical Education Provider - Czech Republic Page 5 LUXLife Parent & Baby Awards 2022 certain self-confidence and readiness to find a job that they’ll fit well into. Indeed, such future-focused support pertains to several different subjects, too, with interdepartmental cooperation fostered between its staff and the educators it works with in order to ensure everyone is on the same page, especially where it pertains to the children it is helping. It also supports activities that preserve families. Critically, it recognises just how much of a hard time many family units of all varieties have had over the past couple of years with the added pressure of the pandemic on top of the usual stressors of everyday life, and so it hopes that it can provide some much-needed relief. Helping such units to communicate more effectively, to be more frank about their needs, and to access help when they need it, it has several ongoing projects currently in operating, from its Královská školka – royal nursery school or kindergarden, to its Královský marathon města Písek - Royal marathon of the city of Písek, and more. Run by Chairperson of the board Jaroslava Králová, Asociace jihočeských rodin z.s. and its staff work hard around the clock every day for its service users, with each of its projects reaching renown in their own right; both within the region and in the international non-profit ecosystem. One such project, the royal nursery school, has become a pivotal element of the Asociace jihočeských rodin child support service by providing a kindergarten like no other. Setting itself considerable goals, never resting on its laurels, and always excited to be welcoming more children into the fold, this kindergarten prides itself on teaching, enrichment, and socialisation. Specialisation of this kindergarden is technical education – digital university for small children and technical university for small children. By fostering a sense of wonder in the children it hosts, it gives them a safe, happy, nurturing place to be that will encourage their natural curiosity and give them a place to explore it that truly cares about their wellbeing, made possible by the most experience and dedicated staff. Its classes are varied and diverse, its peer groups similarly from all walks of life, with most of its teachers being volunteers who enjoy reading fairy tales, encouraging enriching play time, and ensuring the children get plenty of outdoor time as well as rest and relaxation after busy periods. Its service users, therefore, always look forward to going back to its kindergartens, with many of its young children service users expressing considerable excitement about the teachers that work there and the friends they meet. With several sites now open and ready to welcome the kids in with open arms, its most recent kindergarten has opened in the region of Kestřany for 12 childern, in Heřmaň for 20 children, in Vimperk for 15 childern and in Strakonice for 24 childern. In most places is planed to build more space for more children. It is excited to bring these new service users on board, and promises that they will experience the same level of care, dedication, and tenacity that each one of their peers who have passed through its other kindergartens have been able to enjoy. The marathon around the city, however, focuses on the adults! This, run by the founder herself, gives the people of the Pisek region the chance to form a true bond of camaraderie with people who, at the beginning of the day, were complete strangers, giving her city an event that promotes community growth and bonding. Therefore, the marathon has become a treasured part of city life, taking place at the Otava River and taking participants all around the picturesque streets. With its costs and revenues for its centres, annex to the financial statements analytical balance sheets, results, and post-activity results available through its website, this non-profit has been credited for its transparency, honesty, and commitment, something that it promises will be continuing long into the future. Company: Asociace jihočeských rodin z.s. Contact: Jaroslava Králová Website:

Page 6 LUXLife Parent & Baby Awards 2022 It’s often so difficult to find the perfect work/ life balance, particularly when it comes to childcare. This has never been as prevalent as it has before, and in this post-Covid world we are experiencing, lots of people are finding their roles more demanding than ever. So much so, in fact, that many parents are now looking further afield for their childcare and finding that dedicated nannies are a very viable option to help assist with all their childcare needs and requirements. Having flexible childcare is invaluable for parents working atypical hours or jobs that include overtime, weekend working, travel or on-call working. The same benefits apply to freelance workers or shift workers with unpredictable schedules and those with projects or businesses they run alongside their primary job. For these parents, having a nanny can prevent the need to cut back on the hours they work. Employing a nanny yourself, however, can be a complicated process, and dealing with pay, contracts, and insurance is often just another added pressure that busy working parents don’t have time to deal with. This is where With more and more parents now turning to nannies for their childcare solutions, Nannytax is the perfect tool to offer support and guidance along the way. We find out more about how the company can assist parents and nannies – making life easier for both parties – in the wake of the firm being recognised in the Parent and Baby Awards 2022. Aug22162 Best Nanny Payroll Services Provider 2022 – UK innovative company, Nannytax comes into play, to help, advise, and guide parents on this new childcare journey. The Nannytax Nanny Payroll Service is an all-inclusive nanny PAYE service that encompasses nanny payroll – a bespoke employment contract and HR support whose services are designed to support busy working parents with the legal duties of employing a nanny. Offering a complete nanny employment package, Nannytax encompasses everything needed and, in turn, nanny employers find they are able to better support their nannies from a tax and employment perspective. The company was founded in 1993 by Stephen Vahrman, a former bookkeeper who noticed a gap in the market. The first nanny payroll service of its kind, Nannytax is now the longest running Nanny PAYE company in the UK and is trusted by more than 10,000 domestic employers. The award-winning nanny payroll service now includes weekly/monthly payslips, a free contract of employment and unlimited HR support. There’s also an online Employer Area to make accessing payslips and logging records, such as holiday and overtime, convenient, and hassle-free. To support the nanny in question, there’s also a dedicated Nanny Members Area which offers easy access to their payslips and much more. Recently, the firm was recognised in the Parent and Baby Awards 2022 and crowned with the title of Best Nanny Payroll Services Provider 2022 – UK. And it’s not hard to understand why. “The company understands all the intricacies of nanny employment law and has added many additional services over the years to encompass all areas of nanny employment,” explains Kirsty Wild, just one of the dedicated team members at Nannytax. “Over the last year especially, we have noticed that demand for nannies has increased. This is likely due to the number nursery closures around the UK due to the Covid-19 pandemic.” With business thriving for the nanny industry, Nannytax aspires to continue to source and develop innovative solutions that support families, nannies and all those working across this fantastic sector of the UK childcare industry. From sick pay and maternity leave to nanny shares and furlough, the company’s expert knowledge has made it the award-winning market leader of the industry that it is today. Contact: Carmen Perry Company: Nannytax Web Address: Page 7 LUXLife Parent & Baby Awards 2022 Finding a good work/life balance, while helping to protect the planet and offering the best learning experience to little ones may sound idyllic to most – but it is exactly what two mums from Perth managed to do when they set up their own company, Mikro. We speak to the entrepreneurs about how it all began in the wake of them being recognised in the Parent and Baby Awards 2022. Mikro Australia Best Eco-Luxury Educational Play Brand 2022 – APAC Aug22189 The product of close friends, Kim and Stacey, Mikro was established in 2016 and specialises in offering non-toxic, plastic-free, biodegradable playmats for children. Having met in a local school in the remote town of Derby, Western Australia, the pair of teachers formed a close bond and kept in touch on returning to Perth. Following the births of both of their respective children, one of the new mums was concerned with the strong smell of a playmat she had recently purchased and began researching foam and its properties – with the end goal of trying to find a more natural and eco-friendly product. “We both put our careers on hold to start families of our own,” says Kim. “At this point we had already decided we would love to start a small business together, so that we could each remain at home with our kids.” Beginning very much as a garage-run business, the women initially worked from their own homes, which enabled them be the best stay at home mums they could be. “By doing this we were still filling our own ‘selfworth cup’ and sustaining an income,” Kim elaborates. “And we have grown into what we can barely handle on our own... yet we still do most of it. We have moved our stock from garages into a warehouse, and our laptops from on the couch to an office.” Mikro, which means ‘little one’ in Greek, initially began as one of only two PU playmat companies in Australia. However, the company grew swiftly and, along with it, so did the competition. This led to the dynamic duo looking to evolve their product offering and pivot their business strategy somewhat, resulting in them producing a range of beautifully bespoke and eco-friendly items, such as wooden early learning toys, to complement their existing playmat business. Stacey tells us that their teaching backgrounds were invaluable at this point of change. “Finding our niche in the market has led us to draw from our educational backgrounds and embark on growing our retail store,” she elaborates. “We have a range of toys which complement our modern playmats and enable us to offer more than just a playmat to our customers.” The firm now has a line of owndesigned and manufactured toys, including an early learning toy bar, a tummy time mirror, and the all-new sensory tray – as well as the most modern and aesthetically pleasing PU playmats on the market. All of which have child development right at the forefront, which the couple firmly believe is what makes them unique and stand out in the market. “We still find standing out from our competitors a challenge and a continual growing point,” adds Kim. “The competition is so strong and still growing, but our knowledge of early learning and development definitely makes our business special.” Recently, the company was recognised in the Parent and Baby Awards 2022 and bestowed with the prestigious accolade of Best EcoLuxury Educational Play Brand 2022 in the APAC region, something that the two ladies are most definitely proud of. “We have defied the old saying ‘Never mix business with friends’,” laughs Kim. “But we have, we do, and we have a whole lot of fun while doing it.” Looking to the future, Kim and Stacey share with us that they are about to unveil an entirely new collection of playmats, with a focus on rug-look designs, as well as expanding the education store by introducing wooden puzzles, construction blocks, and similar toys. “We are a family orientated business and we want to reflect that. We proudly offer eco luxury playmats that don’t cost the earth, and that are child-safe, enhance your home décor, and stay true to our ethos of sustainability, plastic-free products that enhance early learning development.” It seems that the future is looking very bright indeed. Contact: Kim & Stacey Company: Mikro Australia Web Address:

Page 8 LUXLife Parent & Baby Awards 2022 Home to Singapore’s largest collection of personalised baby gift hampers, MyBabyGift is equipped with stock ranging from traditional to contemporary, flashy to elegant, and pink to classic black. Simply, it has something available for every baby. Its products are not only soft and aesthetically pleasing, but they are also durable and practical – perfect for a memento or a loved childhood toy or blanket. Each product is created by MyBabyGift’s in-house designer, who has a wealth of experience under her belt, and as a result, this ensures quality and sustainability. Be it a bib or a bodysuit, the item is made up of 100% cotton and is manufactured to exceptional standards. Moreover, MyBabyGift incorporates the latest trends, such as the increase in neutral colours, to produce products that are fashionable and able to stand the test of time. MyBabyGift’s luxurious products are complimented by a range of items from leading mother and baby brands, including JellyCat, Sophie the Giraffe, L’Occitane, and Gaia Skincare. Indeed, MyBabyGift recognises the fact that it’s easy to be swept up in the excitement of a new baby and that this response often neglects the mother’s needs, therefore, it offers an array of gifts that promote relaxation and self-care. Such products are featured within MyBabyGift’s glamorous range of hampers, which range from S$115 to S$745, guaranteeing that there is something available for every budget. Even the most basic of these hampers include everything needed for a perfect baby gift, with the S$115 Timeless A new arrival is something that everyone looks forward to but buying a gift for the new baby always proves to be incredibly difficult. MyBabyGift, a Singaporean online baby hampers boutique, is on hand to resolve the issue, providing a range of plush gifts and hampers perfect for both the mother and the baby. Aug22463 MyBabyGift. (Lula &Tuti baby designs Pte Ltd) Best Branded Baby Gift & Hamper Provider - Southeast Asia Baby Hamper boasting a personalised bodysuit, a personalised muslin bib, and a personalised muslin bunny, packaged in an opulent giftbox. However, the element that truly places MyBabyGift at the forefront of the market is its Create Your Own Hamper! option, which – for a base price of S$69 – allows customers to pick from an array of premium, bespoke items. Milestone blankets, pillows, and books are just a few of the options available, with a personalised bodysuit, cuddly bunny, and towel already included. It should be noted, however, that the basic hamper cannot be purchased, items must be added on, creating a unique tailor-made gift. It is the quality of these hampers that has led MyBabyGift to be recognised on a wide scale; customers from across Singapore have registered their satisfaction, with many writing reviews for their blogs. Furthermore, during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for MyBabyGift’s products skyrocketed, and the team had to work around the clock in order to fulfil the surplus of orders. This is a great indicator for MyBabyGift’s future, which it hopes will include expansion into the Asian market and the introduction of more international brands to its collection. Company: MyBabyGift (Lula & Tuti baby designs Pte Ltd) Web Address: Page 9 LUXLife Parent & Baby Awards 2022 Breast milk is best for babies, but this route isn’t always possible for parents to take. Follow-on milk, which should only be used as part of a mixed diet and not before 6 months, provides a great alternative during the weaning process. Nannycare, a standout brand within this industry, creates a unique goat milk-based follow-on milk – a product that not only served families for decades, but has also changed legislation. Nannycare Best Goat Milk Formula Brand 2022 - UK Aug22180 Every parent wants the best for their baby, and therefore, they want to choose the best follow-on milk available for their child. However, with so many choices available on the market, this can be a difficult decision. Nannycare, a goat milk-based follow-on milk, is supported by over 30 years of research and is the only goat milk-based follow-on milk that is widely available in the UK supported by clinical trials. Of course, it is important to note that breast milk is the best source of nutrition and is always preferable; however, when this is not an option, Nannycare believes that parents and children deserve a premium alternative that is filled with beneficial, natural ingredients. Indeed, Nannycare Follow on Milk consists of 100% natural, full-cream, quality goat milk, and a wealth of vitamins, including Vitamin D to support the normal function of the immune system. The company is also proud of what it leaves out – Nannycare Follow on Milk is free from palm oil, maltodextrin, GMOs, glucose syrups, and soya. Goat milk is naturally suited to making baby formula, and whilst similar to cow’s milk, the different protein composition means goat milk forms smaller and softer curds in the tummy than cow’s milk curds1. Furthermore, it also boasts higher natural levels of nucleotides, taurine, and free amino acids than cow’s milk, making it closer to the levels in breast milk.2 Nannycare goats are carefully monitored for their low levels of Alpha-S1-casein; with higher levels of Alpha S1 Casein than goat milk, cow’s milk curds are firmer and break down less easily in their natural state, and as a result, extra whey is then added to cow-based formulas.3 In this sense, Nannycare is a trailblazer – but its impact and devotion to innovation extends much further than its ingredients list. Whilst goat milk is one of the oldest sources of human nutrition, for many years, EU legislation – which covers all formula milks sold in the EU and UK – limited parents’ choice to cow’s milkbased options. Nannycare played a fundamental role in changing this ruling, with its clinical trials pushing legislation to include goat milk in formula regulations. The company was deeply passionate about cultivating this change, and thanks to its work, families across the EU and UK are now able to make informed choices about their preferred follow-on milk. Nannycare is always innovating, be it through changing legislation or collaborating with formula-focused goat farms in New Zealand, and it is this that sets the brand apart from others on the market. Its unique focus on goat milk science ensures that Nannycare’s products are always informed by the very latest science. Henceforth, it is LUXlife’s pleasure to award Nannycare with the title Best Goat Milk Formula Brand 2022 – UK. 1. Park 2007; Wang et al 2019; Martin et al 1996; Poth et al 2008 2. Prosser et al 2008. 3. Wang et al 2019; Martin et al 2002; Caroli et al 2009 Contact: Louise Mustard Company: Nannycare Web Address:

Page 10 LUXLife Parent & Baby Awards 2022 Maria Culley is well known and recognised at home in West Yorkshire; however, her devotion to improving early years care and education has led her to work in several location across the nation, including with families in and around South London. Yet, whilst most of her work takes place in the UK, Maria’s journey in the field began overseas. Indeed, Maria’s passion for the industry ignited whilst volunteering as an English teacher at the Makabata School Foundation in the Philippines, and since then, she has worked across the early years sector in nurseries, schools, and the nanny industry. It’s a fact that the unregulated nanny industry has caused problems – Maria is on a crusade to resolve this. She has secured the backing of her MP in her quest to regulate the industry, and, whilst the campaign has changed course, Maria is continuing to work for the betterment of safeguarding regulations. By continuing this mission with the support of MP Robbie Moore, Maria is able to balance a full-time job as a professional nanny with studying and writing articles to unite the often-fragmented industry. She is an advocate for accountability and professional development in both early years education and the nanny industry. Consequently, Maria holds herself to a high standard, resolving to go above and beyond in order to improve both herself and the industry, and therefore, she is now training to gain Emotional Coaching UK Practitioner status. Moreover, during lockdown, Maria established the Neuroscience Nanny Network, an online group for likeminded Nannies both nationally and internationally who are wanting to learn more about the relevance of neuroscience in the nanny industry. It has created a community that allows for both in-person and digital meetups, which helps to ease the isolation and confusion that many have felt during the past few turbulent years. In addition, Maria A nanny’s role is one of great importance. This is something that Maria Culley hopes to promote through her work. A full-time nanny, published author, and voice for the industry, Maria is on a mission to improve the industry, making it safer and more fruitful for nannies, families, and of course, children. Aug22071 Maria Culley Most Inspiring Early Years Nanny 2022 held a free event for nannies called International Nanny Training Day, which covered emotional coaching and provided an opportunity for nannies to get together. When the Covid outbreak reached its peak, Maria created a check-in nanny WhatsApp group, further developing the nanny community. She has previously helped at industry events for nannies. The pandemic caused a number of issues for nannies, but despite this, Maria was able to support her network, signposting them to information surrounding contacts, job vacancies, and correct protocol. From insurance companies, payroll queries, and sending encouragement memes and posts, no matter when a message was sent, Maria would make time to respond. Maria is able to provide such support to both families and nannies as she truly understands how isolating the nanny industry can be. In fact, Maria has penned an article that highlights the issue of loneliness within the field, offering effective solutions that have been designed to bolster wellbeing and mental health. Furthermore, she has written a transition story book to help families navigate the shift from maternity leave/ working from home to leaving their child with a nanny. Revolutionary for the industry, by authoring these pieces, Maria has cultivated a step forward for the understanding of the nanny industry. Thanks to Maria’s work, more people know of the importance of nannies and their jobs. As a result, families will now feel more at ease when leaving their child or children with a childcare provider, and her writing will aid them in adapting to a new person and routine. It is unsurprising that Maria has won several awards. For example, in 2021, she won APeducation’s Student of the Year because of her work and commitment to studying whilst working as a nanny. Maria was named as a finalist in the Famly Children’s Champion Awards 2022. Recognition from these prestigious institutions showcases just how important Maria’s work is. Maria’s debut book, There’s a Nanny in MY House!, can be found on Amazon, with a second instalment coming at the end of 2022. Contact: Maria Culley Company: Maria Culley Web Address: Page 11 LUXLife Parent & Baby Awards 2022 Fondation Fleurs des Champs is one of Switzerland’s most recognisable childcare providers. Over 570 families are currently enrolled in the foundation’s services, and this number is expected to grow exponentially over the next year, with over 160 additional childcare spaces being created for August 2023. Fondation Fleurs des Champs Best Day Care Centre - Southern Switzerland Aug22678 As a parent, wherever you send your child to day care, you want to know that your child is in safe hands – ones that are kind, friendly, and devoted. Fleurs des Champs is a foundation that has been dedicated to child development since 1951, when it first opened as a care centre for ill children. Located in Crans-Montana, Valais, Switzerland, Fleurs des Champs has undergone numerous transformations since its founding, including a stint as a community centre for disenfranchised children. However, since 1996, the foundation has been operating as an administrator for day nurseries and child-care centres, for which it maintains eight structures for children aged from 0-12 years old. Over 700 children are represented by the foundation, and they are guided through physical, intellectual, and emotional development, with their creativity and personal abilities always remaining the main priority. In essence, every effort is taken to ensure that children get to thrive within a community based on support. It is Fleurs des Champs’ mission to create a ‘warm, human environment, favourable to the development and respect of each child while encouraging exchanges with parents in the interest of the family.’ Since the arrival of its new Executive Director in August 2020, the foundation has become greater focused on achieving this mission through developing its expertise in childhood and the contemporary challenges that children face. The actions Fleurs des Champs is undertaking includes following trends; becoming active in new trends i.e., migration and integration; developing projects with communal partners; and developing internal projects. Quite simply, Fleurs des Champs aims to be ‘a benevolent and supportive expertise dedicated to children, parents, families and their challenges today.’ Over 110 employees – educators, cleaners, caterers, and secretaries – are all involved in bringing this mission to fruition. It is imperative that the staff both understand and uphold the high standards in place, as for Fleurs des Champs, children should be surrounded by unconditional love and acceptance. There is no room for intolerance. Moreover, the employees are judged based upon their hard and soft skills, with the later of which being a key focal point for the foundation. It notes that ‘what you are counts more than what you have done.’ Through maintaining such a strong internal structure, the foundation has been able to successfully navigate a number of challenges, including the Covid-19 pandemic. During this period, Fleurs des Champs was concerned with preserving its quality of service, despite the obvious stresses placed upon the employees, families, and children it serves. Henceforth, the foundation’s strategy centred around taking care of its staff because it firmly believes that by doing so, its team will be able to fulfil their mission properly. As a result, Fleurs des Champs is then able to answer the needs of the children it cares for. Due to the success of the foundation, it will be opening over 160 places for August 2023, meaning that more children will be able to acquire the resources needed for effective learning and development. Moreover, three additional structures are currently under consideration, with one being a child-care centre for hospital employees with irregular schedules. If this plan goes ahead, the new location will be equipped to provide around the clock care, seven days a week, 365 days a year. To conclude, Fleurs des Champs states, ‘we thank all our employees and partners for their collaboration, the parents for their trust, the children for their smiles which give meaning to our work.’ Contact: Jérémy Rausis Company: Fondation Fleurs des Champs Web Address

Page 12 LUXLife Parent & Baby Awards 2022 When CEO Andy Hnilo set his mind to this revolutionary skincare business, everything in the industry changed. Andy and the entire team at Alitura are strong believers in taking care of our skin, rather than covering it up. From acne to scars, there’s something for everyone to benefit from. Here we take a closer look at how it has won this esteemed award. Alitura Best Natural Clean Skincare Products Company 2022 Jul22580 Alitura is the Latin word for “to feed and nourish”, and this outstanding, revolutionary, and entirely lavish skincare business does just that. It feeds and nourishes our skin on a daily basis and, with the help of CEO, Andy Hnilo, it offers a fresh outlook on life. In 2011, Andy suffered a large accident where he was greatly injured by several cars. He suffered many serious injuries and was left with a lot of facial scars. He decided to do something about his scars by himself, and therefore invented Alitura. Multi-award-winning skincare supplier, Alitura, revolutionises the realm of natural skincare for the future of our skin’s health. With its products winning awards like ‘Best Face Cream’ and being recognised in the Dirty Thinkers’ Choice Awards. Its glowing reputation ensures it gets noticed by many. Word of mouth recommendations and promotion of its products online have resulted in the swift expansion of its size and power. Influencing people throughout their skincare journey, Alitura ensures only the best products are being sold on its site – and they were all designed by the company. Natural ingredients are in high demand. This can be for a plethora of reasons from animal rights to environmental, ethical, and health concerns. Alitura understands all of this and does what it can to bring luxury to the natural market. By using only the cleanest ingredients such as freshwater pearl powder, ginseng, kelp, clay, vitamin C, and much more, its clay masks and creams all satisfy the skin’s thirst and overall needs for nourishment. Creating the right environment for our skin, Alitura utilises all natural ingredients that are kind to the skin, the environment, and do not harm or derive from animals. Not only does it provide its opulent and lavish skincare products, but it also sells tools, kits and travel essentials such as razors, skin rollers, bags, and much more. Its selection of tools and products offer the chance to transform our skin and, therefore, our outlook on our own image – boosting our confidence immensely. Alitura ensures your skin radiates health. It will not only look good, but it will feel good too. We are pleased to present it with the well-respected accolade of Best Natural Clean Skincare Products Company 2022, and we look forward to seeing what it does next for world of skincare. Company: Alitura Web Address: Page 13 LUXLife Parent & Baby Awards 2022 Set up by a midwife, developed with midwives and new parents in mind and now delivered by midwives throughout the UK, Bump, Birth & Beyond has quickly become an essential part of the pregnancy process. The challenge for most parents is the incredible uncertainty that comes with any birth, but thanks to the host of comprehensive courses from Bump, Birth & Beyond, there doesn’t need to be any surprise at all. Every course teacher is a practising and registered midwife, each bringing with them a wealth of knowledge for their students. Far from learning on the course, Bump, Birth & Beyond works because it is a place where practical experience can be shared. The course is bespoke to Bump, Birth & Beyond, designed by course director Emma Savage For expectant parents, having a baby is an entirely new experience, but it is also one which many have gone through before. While short classes were available through the NHS, cutbacks and the pandemic have seen many disappear. Bump, Birth & Beyond is the solution, offering a range of MidwifeLed Antenatal Courses and Birth Education Courses to give parents guidance, support information and some muchneeded peace of mind. Aug22598 Most Educational Antenatal Class Provider - UK so that when complete, parents will have an in depth understanding of pregnancy, labour, infant feeding and early days with a newborn, even if their own experience doesn’t go exactly to plan! Bump, Birth & Beyond is developed to encompass information that goes deeper than just telling parents-tobe what they want to hear, instead looking at all aspects of childbirth, how things can change and how to have good conversations with health care providers to enable informed choice . Those having babies deserve this level of care and education that simply isn’t available through this system anymore. The team’s talented selection of midwives agree that providing this service has been a boost not only to parents, but to their careers as well. Having the opportunity to broaden the scope of what they offer means they can enjoy their NHS midwifery more. Bump, Birth and Beyond switched to Zoom during the testing times of the pandemic and continue to run hypnobirthing add-ons online but have now returned to full, in person, antenatal classes. It is important for sessions to be in person not only to help parents with practical skills such bathing as dressing a baby, but also to build community which is at the heart of what they do. This community is carried forward with a range of postnatal meet-ups, parties and an online support group. Despite the current cost-of-living crisis in the UK barely beginning, the team at Bump, Birth & Beyond have already seen changing trends in the way people are living their lives. A significant rise in the firm’s ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ facility which allows parents to pay for their course in six weekly payments has inspired the team to explore other options. Moving forward, the team are launching PayPal Credit options as well as a 12-month payment plan for those looking to spread their payments over a longer period. The future for the firm is incredibly bright, with the team hoping to open over ten additional branches throughout the UK by the end of 2023. This will give the team a reach of 25 branches across the country. In the long term, Bump, Birth & Beyond intends to have a branch in every major town and city throughout the UK, with potential expansion into Ireland and further afield too. As the model of the business depends on interested midwives, it’s incredibly scalable and adaptable to different region’s practices and methods of working. New courses are already in development, including ‘refreshers’ for non-first-time parents, including important elements such as ‘How to Introduce Siblings’. When Bump, Birth & Beyond was created, it was to ensure that parents still had access to an honest source of information when it came to the pregnancy process. Thanks to the tireless efforts of midwives across the UK, they have more than succeeded in their mission. As the range of courses provided continues to expand, the length and breadth of the country, we cannot wait to see what they do next! Company: Bump, Birth & Beyond Name: Emma Savage Email: [email protected] Web Address:

Page 14 LUXLife Parent & Baby Awards 2022 Our environment plays an enormous part in our health, but many of the products on our shelves designed to help us are filled with chemicals, toxins, preservatives, artificial ingredients and fragrances that can do more harm than good. Irene Makriplis of Irene Organics wanted to change this for the better. We caught up with her following her tremendous success in the LUXlife Parent and Baby Awards. Irene Organics Best Postpartum & Baby Skincare Company - Northeast USA Aug22214 Irene had never considered how the products everyone takes for granted aren’t as clean as we think until her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at just 28 years old. With environmental factors as the cause, she started to educate herself on the foods that we eat and the everyday products that we use that can affect our health. It was a path down an incredibly long road that would lead her to found Irene Organics some years later. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. The journey to this incredible establishment was one with a few sidesteps along the way that taught her what she needed to do to achieve her ultimate success. “Before starting Irene Organics Skincare I was a professional nanny for over 10 years,” Irene tells us, “and then later became a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant so I had a lot of experience working with parents and babies. I also had a passion for making my own natural, homemade skincare products and realized that the children I cared for responded well to my natural DIY products in comparison to larger store brand products.” 2020 saw Irene expecting her first child, and with this detailed knowledge of the industry behind her, she wanted to create a product that would be entirely safe for her, and for other moms, to use. “That’s when I created my Pregnancy & Postpartum Skincare line,” she explains, “to help mothers like me keep their skin feeling and looking good in a natural way without any harm to them or their little ones. In 2021, my son was born and I worked on getting my Pregnancy and Postpartum skincare out there for the world. Then this year, I launched a whole new Baby Skincare line which I use everyday with my own son.” The business has gone from strength to strength over the years, eschewing the various chemicals of the competition in favour of ecofriendly amber glass jars and bottles that preserve the impressive line of balms and oils without the need for preservatives. Her hands-on approach ensures a consistency of quality that is enviable indeed. With Irene involved at every stage from conception of new ideas through to customer service concerns, there’s no better way to guarantee excellence at all times. The intimate and boutique nature of the business means that quality is always the first priority of Irene and her team. “Since my products are free of any preservatives, we make them in small batches and conduct a thorough quality control process before shipping them out,” she informs us. “And, because we are a small brand, we like to personalise each package making for an enjoyable shopping experience that feels personal.” With parents looking for a healthier alternative, it’s of little surprise that Irene Organics has been able to thrive. The intimacy of the business means it is easy to build trust. Having started the firm during the COVID-19 pandemic, the team have seen a drastic increase in demand for ecommerce shopping that has helped the brand to blossom. Whilst currently only available in the USA, Irene Organics is going to be launched on the Amazon European market by the end of 2022 – keep your eyes peeled as this international phenomenon prepares to take the world by storm! For mothers and children alike, this care and attention combined with an incredibly personal touch makes Irene Organics feel like a gift between friends. The success of the business is a credit to her skill and expertise. We cannot wait to see what she does next to extend her life into new and exciting areas! Company: Irene Organics Name: Irene Makriplis Email: [email protected] Web Address: Page 15 LUXLife Parent & Baby Awards 2022 Baby Erasmus is an international, Englishspeaking kindergarten. Offering daytime activities for babies and children up to 6 years old, whilst also providing afterschool clubs for children between the ages of 3 to 8. Baby Erasmus encourages children to become familiar with English in a natural way. For example, by taking part in activities including arts, crafts, singing, and games. Juan explains, “After 12 years of working with children, we’ve developed our own educative programme. Our children learn English by playing and having fun with friends and teachers in a safe environment. Full immersion in a second language in the early years is the easiest way for children to gain fluency. That’s why our children speak naturally in English with the teachers and classmates in our kindergarten.” Baby Erasmus’ services target a specific clientele – young families with medium to high cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. Juan says, “Usually, one or both parents have been working or living abroad, or work for an international company. They understand the need to speak different languages. And they know the importance of learning a second language at an early age. They want to ensure a better future for their children.” The unique selling point offered by Baby Erasmus is full immersion in the second language. This wouldn’t be possible without our team of qualified international staff and native speakers. Teachers hail from countries including the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, and the Philippines. Complimenting Speaking a second language has never been more valuable as a skill. One company that’s leading the way in early bilingual education is Baby Erasmus. Based in the historic city of Badajoz in Southern Spain, Baby Erasmus works with children up to 8 years old to make language learning easy and fun. We speak to kindergarten director, Juan Ruiz Subirán, to find out more. Aug22020 Baby Erasmus S.L. Best Bilingual Early Childhood Education Center - Southwest Spain the permanent staff, Baby Erasmus welcomes international students from the UK, Ireland, and EU. Making learning attractive and fun is essential to keeping children curious and interested. The team at Baby Erasmus favours an approach of consistent investigation and innovation. The company employs a range of techniques and disciplines including ICT, educational robotics, flipped classroom, educational gamification, and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics). Baby Erasmus even has its own dragon, Babo! In 2015, the company created an activity book, ‘Babo the Dragon’, based on the character and aimed at children aged 2 to 5. The aim being to introduce youngsters to their first English words in a natural way. The book, which won a ‘Bronze Nursery World Award’ in 2019, is set to be transformed into a cartoon for preschoolers. Episodes will soon be available in both English and Spanish. As a leader in its field, Baby Erasmus is currently participating in 6 European projects to improve bilingual education. Juan explains, “We are coordinating two European Erasmus+ projects about bilingual education. We’re participating in another four projects about early childhood education as a partner. We’re working with universities, schools, educational NGOs, educational consultancies and other kindergartens from 15 different countries. We learn from each other and embrace best practices.” Looking to the future, Baby Erasmus will be taking part in a new project that centres around investigating bilingual education and the multiple intelligences theory. The aim being to better adapt education to the different capacities of each child. The project is called ‘BABO: Bilingual and Bicultural Outlook - Learning a Second Language at an Early Age’. It will develop a guide to help teachers to select the best resources and tools depending on the capacities, skills and dominant intelligence of their pupils. Company: Baby Erasmus S.L. Web Address:

Page 16 LUXLife Parent & Baby Awards 2022 Motherhood is never as easy as it looks, but the team from The Moms Co. tries their best to bring that dream to life. Their products lead the market when it comes to taking care of a mom & her baby’s skin. In the LUXlife Parent and Baby Awards 2022, the team was recognized for their astonishing achievement. We dig deeper to uncover what decisions brought them such remarkable success. The Moms Co. Best Natural Parent & Baby Skincare Brand 2022 - India Aug22474 Becoming a mother is an experience like no other, with each child being entirely different from any other. During these exciting times, what parents need are products that they can depend upon to make a real difference in the day. Using the ultimate resources that nature & science have to offer, the team at The Moms Co. has been able to create and curate a toxin-free range that has transformed the lives of parents, and their little ones, for the better. The beating heart of the business is Malika Sadani, a mother who discovered her own spark for the business in her frustration with what was already available. When she founded The Moms Co., she did so because she wanted something that she simply couldn’t find in the market. Malika was on the hunt for baby products that were specifically tailored to their needs, were natural, safe – and most importantly, effective! Determined not to compromise, the solution was, The Moms Co. Since opening their doors, she has not accepted any compromise, always hunting for the very best that can be made for babies and their parents. A team of experts in the field is constantly developing new solutions aimed at solving the issues around natural shampoo for babies, nappy rash, or coming up with toxinfree solutions for moms-to-be & new moms. It’s little wonder that for Indian women, The Moms Co. has become the go-to option when looking for quality without compromise. The success of the business comes from combining the two worlds of science and motherhood. Both sides bring their incredible experience and knowledge of how to keep your little one happy and go above and beyond to deliver at all times. Because of this, the team goes further than any other in the industry. Their products aren’t just for babies, they’re for mothers too. With a range of products drawing on nature’s wonders, they offer a complete toxin-free solution for a mom & her baby. At such a crucial time, it’s worth paying for excellence, and excellence is indeed what you get when you turn to any products from The Moms Co. Their astonishing commitment to quality is why so many women trust them to deliver the latest addition to the family. For those who want to get the best without any compromise, there is nowhere better. Company: The Moms Co. Name: Malika Sadani Email: [email protected]