Parent & Baby Awards 2022

Page 10 LUXLife Parent & Baby Awards 2022 Maria Culley is well known and recognised at home in West Yorkshire; however, her devotion to improving early years care and education has led her to work in several location across the nation, including with families in and around South London. Yet, whilst most of her work takes place in the UK, Maria’s journey in the field began overseas. Indeed, Maria’s passion for the industry ignited whilst volunteering as an English teacher at the Makabata School Foundation in the Philippines, and since then, she has worked across the early years sector in nurseries, schools, and the nanny industry. It’s a fact that the unregulated nanny industry has caused problems – Maria is on a crusade to resolve this. She has secured the backing of her MP in her quest to regulate the industry, and, whilst the campaign has changed course, Maria is continuing to work for the betterment of safeguarding regulations. By continuing this mission with the support of MP Robbie Moore, Maria is able to balance a full-time job as a professional nanny with studying and writing articles to unite the often-fragmented industry. She is an advocate for accountability and professional development in both early years education and the nanny industry. Consequently, Maria holds herself to a high standard, resolving to go above and beyond in order to improve both herself and the industry, and therefore, she is now training to gain Emotional Coaching UK Practitioner status. Moreover, during lockdown, Maria established the Neuroscience Nanny Network, an online group for likeminded Nannies both nationally and internationally who are wanting to learn more about the relevance of neuroscience in the nanny industry. It has created a community that allows for both in-person and digital meetups, which helps to ease the isolation and confusion that many have felt during the past few turbulent years. In addition, Maria A nanny’s role is one of great importance. This is something that Maria Culley hopes to promote through her work. A full-time nanny, published author, and voice for the industry, Maria is on a mission to improve the industry, making it safer and more fruitful for nannies, families, and of course, children. Aug22071 Maria Culley Most Inspiring Early Years Nanny 2022 held a free event for nannies called International Nanny Training Day, which covered emotional coaching and provided an opportunity for nannies to get together. When the Covid outbreak reached its peak, Maria created a check-in nanny WhatsApp group, further developing the nanny community. She has previously helped at industry events for nannies. The pandemic caused a number of issues for nannies, but despite this, Maria was able to support her network, signposting them to information surrounding contacts, job vacancies, and correct protocol. From insurance companies, payroll queries, and sending encouragement memes and posts, no matter when a message was sent, Maria would make time to respond. Maria is able to provide such support to both families and nannies as she truly understands how isolating the nanny industry can be. In fact, Maria has penned an article that highlights the issue of loneliness within the field, offering effective solutions that have been designed to bolster wellbeing and mental health. Furthermore, she has written a transition story book to help families navigate the shift from maternity leave/ working from home to leaving their child with a nanny. Revolutionary for the industry, by authoring these pieces, Maria has cultivated a step forward for the understanding of the nanny industry. Thanks to Maria’s work, more people know of the importance of nannies and their jobs. As a result, families will now feel more at ease when leaving their child or children with a childcare provider, and her writing will aid them in adapting to a new person and routine. It is unsurprising that Maria has won several awards. For example, in 2021, she won APeducation’s Student of the Year because of her work and commitment to studying whilst working as a nanny. Maria was named as a finalist in the Famly Children’s Champion Awards 2022. Recognition from these prestigious institutions showcases just how important Maria’s work is. Maria’s debut book, There’s a Nanny in MY House!, can be found on Amazon, with a second instalment coming at the end of 2022. Contact: Maria Culley Company: Maria Culley Web Address: