Parent & Baby Awards 2022

Page 12 LUXLife Parent & Baby Awards 2022 When CEO Andy Hnilo set his mind to this revolutionary skincare business, everything in the industry changed. Andy and the entire team at Alitura are strong believers in taking care of our skin, rather than covering it up. From acne to scars, there’s something for everyone to benefit from. Here we take a closer look at how it has won this esteemed award. Alitura Best Natural Clean Skincare Products Company 2022 Jul22580 Alitura is the Latin word for “to feed and nourish”, and this outstanding, revolutionary, and entirely lavish skincare business does just that. It feeds and nourishes our skin on a daily basis and, with the help of CEO, Andy Hnilo, it offers a fresh outlook on life. In 2011, Andy suffered a large accident where he was greatly injured by several cars. He suffered many serious injuries and was left with a lot of facial scars. He decided to do something about his scars by himself, and therefore invented Alitura. Multi-award-winning skincare supplier, Alitura, revolutionises the realm of natural skincare for the future of our skin’s health. With its products winning awards like ‘Best Face Cream’ and being recognised in the Dirty Thinkers’ Choice Awards. Its glowing reputation ensures it gets noticed by many. Word of mouth recommendations and promotion of its products online have resulted in the swift expansion of its size and power. Influencing people throughout their skincare journey, Alitura ensures only the best products are being sold on its site – and they were all designed by the company. Natural ingredients are in high demand. This can be for a plethora of reasons from animal rights to environmental, ethical, and health concerns. Alitura understands all of this and does what it can to bring luxury to the natural market. By using only the cleanest ingredients such as freshwater pearl powder, ginseng, kelp, clay, vitamin C, and much more, its clay masks and creams all satisfy the skin’s thirst and overall needs for nourishment. Creating the right environment for our skin, Alitura utilises all natural ingredients that are kind to the skin, the environment, and do not harm or derive from animals. Not only does it provide its opulent and lavish skincare products, but it also sells tools, kits and travel essentials such as razors, skin rollers, bags, and much more. Its selection of tools and products offer the chance to transform our skin and, therefore, our outlook on our own image – boosting our confidence immensely. Alitura ensures your skin radiates health. It will not only look good, but it will feel good too. We are pleased to present it with the well-respected accolade of Best Natural Clean Skincare Products Company 2022, and we look forward to seeing what it does next for world of skincare. Company: Alitura Web Address: