Parent & Baby Awards 2022

Page 14 LUXLife Parent & Baby Awards 2022 Our environment plays an enormous part in our health, but many of the products on our shelves designed to help us are filled with chemicals, toxins, preservatives, artificial ingredients and fragrances that can do more harm than good. Irene Makriplis of Irene Organics wanted to change this for the better. We caught up with her following her tremendous success in the LUXlife Parent and Baby Awards. Irene Organics Best Postpartum & Baby Skincare Company - Northeast USA Aug22214 Irene had never considered how the products everyone takes for granted aren’t as clean as we think until her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at just 28 years old. With environmental factors as the cause, she started to educate herself on the foods that we eat and the everyday products that we use that can affect our health. It was a path down an incredibly long road that would lead her to found Irene Organics some years later. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. The journey to this incredible establishment was one with a few sidesteps along the way that taught her what she needed to do to achieve her ultimate success. “Before starting Irene Organics Skincare I was a professional nanny for over 10 years,” Irene tells us, “and then later became a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant so I had a lot of experience working with parents and babies. I also had a passion for making my own natural, homemade skincare products and realized that the children I cared for responded well to my natural DIY products in comparison to larger store brand products.” 2020 saw Irene expecting her first child, and with this detailed knowledge of the industry behind her, she wanted to create a product that would be entirely safe for her, and for other moms, to use. “That’s when I created my Pregnancy & Postpartum Skincare line,” she explains, “to help mothers like me keep their skin feeling and looking good in a natural way without any harm to them or their little ones. In 2021, my son was born and I worked on getting my Pregnancy and Postpartum skincare out there for the world. Then this year, I launched a whole new Baby Skincare line which I use everyday with my own son.” The business has gone from strength to strength over the years, eschewing the various chemicals of the competition in favour of ecofriendly amber glass jars and bottles that preserve the impressive line of balms and oils without the need for preservatives. Her hands-on approach ensures a consistency of quality that is enviable indeed. With Irene involved at every stage from conception of new ideas through to customer service concerns, there’s no better way to guarantee excellence at all times. The intimate and boutique nature of the business means that quality is always the first priority of Irene and her team. “Since my products are free of any preservatives, we make them in small batches and conduct a thorough quality control process before shipping them out,” she informs us. “And, because we are a small brand, we like to personalise each package making for an enjoyable shopping experience that feels personal.” With parents looking for a healthier alternative, it’s of little surprise that Irene Organics has been able to thrive. The intimacy of the business means it is easy to build trust. Having started the firm during the COVID-19 pandemic, the team have seen a drastic increase in demand for ecommerce shopping that has helped the brand to blossom. Whilst currently only available in the USA, Irene Organics is going to be launched on the Amazon European market by the end of 2022 – keep your eyes peeled as this international phenomenon prepares to take the world by storm! For mothers and children alike, this care and attention combined with an incredibly personal touch makes Irene Organics feel like a gift between friends. The success of the business is a credit to her skill and expertise. We cannot wait to see what she does next to extend her life into new and exciting areas! Company: Irene Organics Name: Irene Makriplis Email: info.[email protected] Web Address: