Parent & Baby Awards 2022

Page 16 LUXLife Parent & Baby Awards 2022 Motherhood is never as easy as it looks, but the team from The Moms Co. tries their best to bring that dream to life. Their products lead the market when it comes to taking care of a mom & her baby’s skin. In the LUXlife Parent and Baby Awards 2022, the team was recognized for their astonishing achievement. We dig deeper to uncover what decisions brought them such remarkable success. The Moms Co. Best Natural Parent & Baby Skincare Brand 2022 - India Aug22474 Becoming a mother is an experience like no other, with each child being entirely different from any other. During these exciting times, what parents need are products that they can depend upon to make a real difference in the day. Using the ultimate resources that nature & science have to offer, the team at The Moms Co. has been able to create and curate a toxin-free range that has transformed the lives of parents, and their little ones, for the better. The beating heart of the business is Malika Sadani, a mother who discovered her own spark for the business in her frustration with what was already available. When she founded The Moms Co., she did so because she wanted something that she simply couldn’t find in the market. Malika was on the hunt for baby products that were specifically tailored to their needs, were natural, safe – and most importantly, effective! Determined not to compromise, the solution was, The Moms Co. Since opening their doors, she has not accepted any compromise, always hunting for the very best that can be made for babies and their parents. A team of experts in the field is constantly developing new solutions aimed at solving the issues around natural shampoo for babies, nappy rash, or coming up with toxinfree solutions for moms-to-be & new moms. It’s little wonder that for Indian women, The Moms Co. has become the go-to option when looking for quality without compromise. The success of the business comes from combining the two worlds of science and motherhood. Both sides bring their incredible experience and knowledge of how to keep your little one happy and go above and beyond to deliver at all times. Because of this, the team goes further than any other in the industry. Their products aren’t just for babies, they’re for mothers too. With a range of products drawing on nature’s wonders, they offer a complete toxin-free solution for a mom & her baby. At such a crucial time, it’s worth paying for excellence, and excellence is indeed what you get when you turn to any products from The Moms Co. Their astonishing commitment to quality is why so many women trust them to deliver the latest addition to the family. For those who want to get the best without any compromise, there is nowhere better. Company: The Moms Co. Name: Malika Sadani Email: [email protected]