Parent & Baby Awards 2022 Page 17 LUXLife Parent & Baby Awards 2022 Based in the heart of Weston-super-Mare, the aim of the Daisychain team is always to put children first. At a young age, the potential of a child is incredible, but making the most of that potential depends on the level of care which is offered. No one knows this better than the team at Daisychain, who always go above and beyond to create a world of exciting opportunity for all their charges. Creating an environment where children thrive doesn’t happen by accident. The team at Daisychain have worked intentionally to provide a place where care is crucial. Highly trained in SEND and Portage, this setting is inclusive to any and all who walk through its doors. The staff work tirelessly to ensure that this remains the case no matter what, working closely with parents to provide a holistic approach to care as well as completing regular training in a host of different areas. Since being founded in 2010, this incredible nursery has gone from strength to strength. They established themselves in a custombuilt facility in September 2019, just in time to support a whole new cohort of children who depend on the team to thrive. Daisychain prides itself on offering a secure place where children can grow at their own pace, gently guided by talented individuals who specialise in what they need most of all. Speech and language is an important part of what Daisychain has to offer, with many children finding it difficult to recover time lost since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Daisychain has hired highly skilled practitioners who are experts in a variety of techniques to help children overcome these issues. The team also use Makaton When you trust someone to look after your little one, you want to know they’re committed to creating an environment which is a homefrom-home. That’s precisely what the team at Daisychain Childcare (Weston) Ltd do all of the time. Working closely with parents, they earn a level of trust which has brought them incredible success. Aug22392 Daisychain Childcare (Weston) Ltd Nursery of the Year - North Somerset to promote language development and to promote inclusivity in the setting. The early years sector is a field which many overlook, but it actually forms the baseline on which all of our future education decisions can be made. The calm yet stimulating environment that has been fostered here has allowed them to achieve truly amazing success. The move into a custom facility three years ago was a clear sign that when it comes to childcare, there can be no limits. We must always be looking for the best that there is to offer our children, and that’s certainly what the Daisychain team aims to provide. Company: Daisychain Childcare (Weston) Ltd Name: Lee-Anne Lovegrove Email: [email protected] Web Address: