Parent & Baby Awards 2022

Page 18 LUXLife Parent & Baby Awards 2022 Voted as gold standard by the La Mesa community in 2021, Europa Family Child Care has swiftly become recognised for its dedicated, passionate, and respected work with children aged 2 months to 5 years old. Children require structure, care, and a positive attitude to shape them into happy, successful, and knowledgeable individuals. They must also be allowed to express themselves and explore the world in order to become independent. This is what Europa offers all of the children that it works with – for the sake of their future as adults. Its support helps families to thrive, whilst living fulfilling lives together. Acting as a buttress for single parents as well as full families, Europa is always looking for ways to relieve them of stress and stop them from wearing themselves thin. The extent of its quality knows no bounds as it offers bespoke care for each child; Europa treats every child with respect and love, to ensure that they are looked after in the best way imaginable. Creating a safe space for children to learn, grow, and feel nourished is no small feat. However, Europa more than manages to provide this support and environment. In fact, it flourishes in doing so. With glowing reviews and kind words about Europa, it has a stunning reputation online as Finding extremely high quality child care can be daunting, but finding childcare that is affordable can be even more difficult. With extortionate prices and so many options, childcare can be difficult to navigate. However, Europa Family Child Care ensures that your children are in good hands – for an affordable price. Here we explore the work Europa does as it wins this esteemed accolade in the Parent and Baby Awards, 2022. Aug22060 Europa Family Child Care Most Affordable HighQuality Childcare Centre – Western USA well as offline. Katlyn A enthuses, “This day care is the best. I was very glad when I found this day care for my children. This place has a very good environment. They have a very big place and their backyard is very big and filled with all sorts of toys. They care a lot about the children like their own children and we love it. I would recommend this day care to everyone.” Through many more reviews online, and word of mouth offline, it is clear to see that Europa truly makes a positive impression on the individuals and families it works with. Offering child care at affordable rates, such as $300 per week, Europa Family Child Care promises reasonably priced care that is second to none. Offering meals, attention, and plenty of fun during their stay, you can rest assured that your little ones are prioritised. Winning Most Affordable High-Quality Childcare Centre – Western USA is a huge achievement and we are proud to celebrate this astonishing win. Contact: Valentina Lorja Company: Europa Family Child Care Web Address: