Parent & Baby Awards 2022 Page 5 LUXLife Parent & Baby Awards 2022 certain self-confidence and readiness to find a job that they’ll fit well into. Indeed, such future-focused support pertains to several different subjects, too, with interdepartmental cooperation fostered between its staff and the educators it works with in order to ensure everyone is on the same page, especially where it pertains to the children it is helping. It also supports activities that preserve families. Critically, it recognises just how much of a hard time many family units of all varieties have had over the past couple of years with the added pressure of the pandemic on top of the usual stressors of everyday life, and so it hopes that it can provide some much-needed relief. Helping such units to communicate more effectively, to be more frank about their needs, and to access help when they need it, it has several ongoing projects currently in operating, from its Královská školka – royal nursery school or kindergarden, to its Královský marathon města Písek - Royal marathon of the city of Písek, and more. Run by Chairperson of the board Jaroslava Králová, Asociace jihočeských rodin z.s. and its staff work hard around the clock every day for its service users, with each of its projects reaching renown in their own right; both within the region and in the international non-profit ecosystem. One such project, the royal nursery school, has become a pivotal element of the Asociace jihočeských rodin child support service by providing a kindergarten like no other. Setting itself considerable goals, never resting on its laurels, and always excited to be welcoming more children into the fold, this kindergarten prides itself on teaching, enrichment, and socialisation. Specialisation of this kindergarden is technical education – digital university for small children and technical university for small children. By fostering a sense of wonder in the children it hosts, it gives them a safe, happy, nurturing place to be that will encourage their natural curiosity and give them a place to explore it that truly cares about their wellbeing, made possible by the most experience and dedicated staff. Its classes are varied and diverse, its peer groups similarly from all walks of life, with most of its teachers being volunteers who enjoy reading fairy tales, encouraging enriching play time, and ensuring the children get plenty of outdoor time as well as rest and relaxation after busy periods. Its service users, therefore, always look forward to going back to its kindergartens, with many of its young children service users expressing considerable excitement about the teachers that work there and the friends they meet. With several sites now open and ready to welcome the kids in with open arms, its most recent kindergarten has opened in the region of Kestřany for 12 childern, in Heřmaň for 20 children, in Vimperk for 15 childern and in Strakonice for 24 childern. In most places is planed to build more space for more children. It is excited to bring these new service users on board, and promises that they will experience the same level of care, dedication, and tenacity that each one of their peers who have passed through its other kindergartens have been able to enjoy. The marathon around the city, however, focuses on the adults! This, run by the founder herself, gives the people of the Pisek region the chance to form a true bond of camaraderie with people who, at the beginning of the day, were complete strangers, giving her city an event that promotes community growth and bonding. Therefore, the marathon has become a treasured part of city life, taking place at the Otava River and taking participants all around the picturesque streets. With its costs and revenues for its centres, annex to the financial statements analytical balance sheets, results, and post-activity results available through its website, this non-profit has been credited for its transparency, honesty, and commitment, something that it promises will be continuing long into the future. Company: Asociace jihočeských rodin z.s. Contact: Jaroslava Králová Website: