Parent & Baby Awards 2022

Page 8 LUXLife Parent & Baby Awards 2022 Home to Singapore’s largest collection of personalised baby gift hampers, MyBabyGift is equipped with stock ranging from traditional to contemporary, flashy to elegant, and pink to classic black. Simply, it has something available for every baby. Its products are not only soft and aesthetically pleasing, but they are also durable and practical – perfect for a memento or a loved childhood toy or blanket. Each product is created by MyBabyGift’s in-house designer, who has a wealth of experience under her belt, and as a result, this ensures quality and sustainability. Be it a bib or a bodysuit, the item is made up of 100% cotton and is manufactured to exceptional standards. Moreover, MyBabyGift incorporates the latest trends, such as the increase in neutral colours, to produce products that are fashionable and able to stand the test of time. MyBabyGift’s luxurious products are complimented by a range of items from leading mother and baby brands, including JellyCat, Sophie the Giraffe, L’Occitane, and Gaia Skincare. Indeed, MyBabyGift recognises the fact that it’s easy to be swept up in the excitement of a new baby and that this response often neglects the mother’s needs, therefore, it offers an array of gifts that promote relaxation and self-care. Such products are featured within MyBabyGift’s glamorous range of hampers, which range from S$115 to S$745, guaranteeing that there is something available for every budget. Even the most basic of these hampers include everything needed for a perfect baby gift, with the S$115 Timeless A new arrival is something that everyone looks forward to but buying a gift for the new baby always proves to be incredibly difficult. MyBabyGift, a Singaporean online baby hampers boutique, is on hand to resolve the issue, providing a range of plush gifts and hampers perfect for both the mother and the baby. Aug22463 MyBabyGift. (Lula &Tuti baby designs Pte Ltd) Best Branded Baby Gift & Hamper Provider - Southeast Asia Baby Hamper boasting a personalised bodysuit, a personalised muslin bib, and a personalised muslin bunny, packaged in an opulent giftbox. However, the element that truly places MyBabyGift at the forefront of the market is its Create Your Own Hamper! option, which – for a base price of S$69 – allows customers to pick from an array of premium, bespoke items. Milestone blankets, pillows, and books are just a few of the options available, with a personalised bodysuit, cuddly bunny, and towel already included. It should be noted, however, that the basic hamper cannot be purchased, items must be added on, creating a unique tailor-made gift. It is the quality of these hampers that has led MyBabyGift to be recognised on a wide scale; customers from across Singapore have registered their satisfaction, with many writing reviews for their blogs. Furthermore, during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for MyBabyGift’s products skyrocketed, and the team had to work around the clock in order to fulfil the surplus of orders. This is a great indicator for MyBabyGift’s future, which it hopes will include expansion into the Asian market and the introduction of more international brands to its collection. Company: MyBabyGift (Lula & Tuti baby designs Pte Ltd) Web Address: