Parent & Baby Awards 2023

12 | LUXlife Magazine Best Children's Foot Health & Shoe Fittings Enterprise 2023 - USA Fitting Children’s Shoes is a passionate company on a mission to help children find the correct pair of shoes around the globe. We hear from Owner Juan Valenzuela as Fitting Children’s Shoes wins its title in the Parent and Baby Awards 2023. Fitting Children’s Shoes (FCS) was founded and created 10 years ago inspired from my experience working at a local shoe store in Maryland, United States. This first-hand exposure made me realize the important role that shoes play in a child’s life, specially at an early age. That is why, FCS’ mission since then has been to help parents all over the world find the right shoes for their children, regardless of whether they have a specific foot condition or foot shape. You won’t believe the number of families who take their children to healthcare practitioners with a specific concern (e.g., flat feet, toe walking, overpronation) and often find themselves dismissed by medical professionals who believe that the child will simply outgrow the condition. As part of my role, I always urge parents to trust their instinct specially if they notice something wrong with their child’s feet and even if the medical professional dismisses their concern, seek a second opinion, and have a proactive approach. Parents need to keep in mind that they have a limited window of opportunity to make a significant change in their child’s foot structure and gait mechanics, as the older the child gets, the harder the condition is to manage. The resources I create mainly target a wide range of foot related issues and topics of relevance to be able to help as many families as possible. In addition, my commitment to aid families find the right shoes goes beyond just creating content and monetizing, I also extend personalized guidance to families worldwide given that I’m personally invested in helping every single child find the correct pair of shoes whether it means monetizing a sale or not. In addition, I encourage parents to contact me through the comments section on the website or through e-mail to help them find the correct shoes for their children. This service involves suggesting specific shoe types or styles, as well as determining the correct size of their child via an online tool I created. Through this resource I assist families retrieve their child’s exact foot length and shape (i.e., narrow, medium, wide, extra wide), as well as identify possible foot conditions. This resource was developed since I noticed that most specialized children’s shoe local stores have closed, and those that remain open don’t usually have staff properly trained on how to measure kids’ feet. With FCS’, families are always guaranteed an excellent service response of 24 hours or less and this is completely free of charge. On a daily basis, I take the time to go over each of the messages received and provide a tailored recommendation considering the child’s specific needs. Over the years, this endeavor has enabled me to contribute to the community and gain insights into the different experiences parents face across the globe. Moreover, my focus is to stay current and attend to the many challenges families go through in finding the correct footwear by ensuring the content and links are always up to date, meaning that there is stock of that specific shoe or orthotic insert that is being recommended. In short, FCS’ mission and core values are based on delivering exceptional customer service and thereby my commitment and dedication to families goes beyond mere transactions. As a matter of fact, while my website’s readers and subscribers are mainly based in United States, I also help families in Canada, India, Australia, and United Kingdom, even though these are not being monetized. I truly believe that every interaction with my readers is an opportunity to make a positive impact. Sincerely, Juan Valenzuela Company: Fitting Children’s Shoes Web Address: Contact: Juan Valenzuela Aug23061