Parent & Baby Awards 2023

Parent & Baby Awards 2023 There’s a common misconception that if a product is better for the environment, that must mean it’s made from uncomfortable materials that can’t match their more damaging counterparts. In response to this notion, Cuddlies came to be. Set on supplying bamboo eco nappies and bamboo water wipes, Cuddlies has discovered how to produce necessities that are both better for babies and the planet alike. Below, we venture into Cuddlies’ new, innovative stand against baby necessity wastage. Best Biodegradable Eco Nappy Company 2023 constantly innovating and bettering its products for the sake of both parents, babies, and the environment all at once, and it’s this familyoriented mindset that allows it to truly understand what goes into developing safe, eco products. Cuddlies wants to see a world where quality products don’t have to come at the detriment of the environment, sourced in an ethical, transparent, and responsible manner. It comes as no surprise to learn that Cuddlies deeply cares about the planet and, in turn, creating a business that gives back to nature. For too long have the conventional baby necessities been polluting landfills, and yet there aren’t nearly enough individuals set on making a difference. Thankfully, Cuddlies is one such entity that is prepared to do whatever it takes to provide quality products that keep our planet safe for the future generation. Be it through its product range alone, or through its support of One Tree Planted initiatives, Cuddlies has made a statement, and intends to stick to it no matter the cost. With the help if its customers, Cuddlies is able to contribute towards the restoration of vital ecosystems, clean air & water, and the prevention of further land degradation. In addition, it’s a become a mouthpiece for promoting climate change resilience, all in the hopes that the breathtaking parts of the world can maintain their natural beauty for our future children to see. Cuddlies is an incredible company that’s already made a notable difference within the baby necessity sector, and its bamboo eco nappies and bamboo water wipes represent the first step towards the sector’s sustainability. Contact: Janaka Ediriwickrema Company: Cuddlies Web Address: uddlies is an innovative, responsible nappy company that has dedicated its time, effort, and resources to creating high performing, bamboo eco nappies and bamboo water wipes. Where commonly used baby necessities are made up of harmful, nonbiodegradable plastic fibres, Cuddlies’ range of products utilises natures gifts to truly reinvent the way parents care for their babies. Bamboo is the most sustainable resource that our planet has to offer – one that can be organically grown in quick succession, and actually outperforms in absorbency, softness, and overall comfort. It's these qualities that Cuddlies sought to capture through its eco range, and it’s safe to say that its genius has allowed it to do just that. Its array of products, crafted from high quality, sustainable raw materials, encapsulate exactly what it set out to achieve, and then some. Cuddlies’ nappies and wipes have been designed with the sensitivity of a baby’s skin in mind at all times, resulting in a plethora of options for parents who want to keep their little ones comfy, whilst helping out mother nature in the process. In addition, Cuddlies bamboo eco nappies are perfect for both colder and warmer weather alike. Bamboo’s natural temperature regulating properties translate into innovative products that keep babies cool in summer, and warm in winter. Not only that, but Cuddlies’ products are beyond soft, and are unbeatably breathable, allowing for a gentle experience on delicate skin. Everything that Cuddlies provides is antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and completely irritation-free. As such, it’s the perfect company for parents to turn to should they want to take full advantage of the gifts that the planet has blessed us with. Cuddlies was initially founded as a journey towards being a part of the solution to increasing the positive environmental impact that companies are having on our planet. It’s a family-owned business, dedicated to C Jul23420