Parent & Baby Awards 2018 Page 13 LUX 2018 Parent & Baby Awards benefits to soothe, nourish and protect delicate soft skin from the harmful elements caused by pollution and harsh weather. ” The Kakadu Plum extract used in our baby skincare products are sourced exclusively from Darwin, The Northern Territory from a scarce pocket of land where the richest source of vitamin C on earth is grown. It is important that we support local communities by using sustainable native ingredients. Our environmentally friendly products will enable future generations to thrive and be healthy.” ” Choosing Kakadu Plum as a main ingredient in the Lovekins range was deeply meaningful to me. Kakadu Plum comes from the Northern Territory, my birthplace and a core part of my identity. It’s a part of me, and part of our land. I felt it connected me and my babies to each other and to our land.” Lovekins sells worldwide through distribution and wholesale channels and direct to customers from their online store. “Currently, we provide a full range of skincare products for babies and toddlers, which includes all the essentials such as hair and body wash, baby soap, body moisturiser, massage oil, nappy cream, face cream, sunscreen and baby wipes. We understand the importance of using plant- based and ethically sourced ingredients to produce our premium Australian baby skincare products that families can trust and feel confident about using." Looking ahead, Amanda foresees even greater focus on natural, organic skin and health care products, and as such believes Lovekins has a bright future ahead of it, as she is proud to conclude. “Over recent years, we see a growing trend of families understanding more and more about the importance of using a natural and simpler approach to parenting. Family life is becoming more hectic, such as parents working longer hours and their children requiring different levels of care and attention. Keeping the balance and trying not to stress are common themes that are on the rise. Our aim is to help families take that stress away, knowing that they have a peace of mind in deciding on a skincare range that is toxic free and made with natural and organic ingredients to the strictest quality control.” “With regards to the future of Lovekins, we have lots of exciting new projects in the pipeline. Our new pregnancy/mother care range will be showcased at the Hong Kong Cosmoprof Expo in November. These developments offer us the chance to grow as a company and maintain our vision and mission: “To educate families to provide a simpler, more natural approach to parenting, by harnessing the healing power of Australian nature through our products. Through awareness of the benefits of Australian native ingredients we strive to be the leading supplier of Australian premium natural, and organic family care products in retail channels globally.” Company: LOVEKINS PTY LTD Contact: Amanda Essery Address: Sydney, Australia Phone: +61 1300 811 475 Web Address: