Parent & Baby Awards 2018 Page 19 LUX 2018 Parent & Baby Awards Thanks to its innovative product offering, Shanghai Baby Seating is one of the few manufacturers in China with an autonomous child seat production line. The company has extensive cooperation with the United States, Germany, Italy and other countries in many fields such as technology, creativity and design, and thanks to this collaborative approach it able to offer the very highest possible standards of service and support for its clients. From market planning, product design and development, production, procurement, quality inspection to warehousing and logistics, Shanghai Baby Seating can comprehensively and systematically meet the various needs of OEM and ODM processing of various customers. The firm’s dynamic team are committed to providing better products for children around the world. As part of its ongoing dedication to innovation the firm is focusing on the development and production of child safety seat products, Shanghai Baby Seating Co., Ltd is a professional enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales to create unique solutions that are safe and child-friendly. Showcasing a selection of our winners for the Parent & Baby Awards 2018 we felt it was important to share the secrets behind the success of this innovative and proactive firm that is enhancing the safety of children’s travel through its unique products. Shanghai Baby Seating Co., Ltd Best Child Safety Seats 2018 innovating child safety seat products from the perspectives of child psychology, ergonomics and structural mechanics. The team at Shanghai Baby Seating have improved the safety of the safety seat, improved the comfort of the safety seat for children, and achieved excellent results in the crash test, and are constantly seeking to enhance this success and achieve even greater results. It is the firm’s dedicated staff that have helped to drive it to the success it enjoys today. In addition to the domestic R&D team, Shanghai Baby Seating also has its own independent R&D team in Germany and Italy. In the global R&D team, the firm has more than 300 engineers, two-thirds of whom have more than five years of R&D experience, and one-fifth have 3-5 years of R&D experience. The international R&D team, large engineering team, solid technical strength and rich R&D experience have laid a solid technical foundation for the firm to design and produce high quality safety seat products. Overall, the development of unique technology brings more consumer demand for product performance. Therefore, in the future, Shanghai Baby Seating understands the need to improve product functionality, comfort, and even the development of intelligent products. The firm has a mature production line and an experienced international standard R&D team who are more than capable of achieving this. In the future, the team will design a better child safety seat product with a faster research and development speed and increase R&D investment. Relying on a strong production line, the products will be continuously and quickly brought to market to cope with the ever-changing market demand. Company: Shanghai Baby Seating Co., Ltd Contact: Liying Liu Address: Room601, BulidingC,No. 900 Yishan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, 200233, China Phone: 0021 225 02004 Web Address: