Parent & Baby Awards 2018

Page 24 LUX 2018 Parent & Baby Awards and quicker without compromising on style or efficacy, and so after a year of research and testing, Magnet Mouse was born. “Whilst young, delicate hands or those with plenty of time may not struggle with ubiquitous tiny buttons and poppers, times have changed, and today’s stressed parents often struggle with the task. Daddies with big hands now change nappies, grandparents with less dexterity or poor eyesight are bending over changing tables struggling with baby grows. Professional minders often look after several children at once. Everyone involved in childcare can use our products with ease. Life is too short to struggle with fiddly fastenings if you do not have to and it is certainly too short to scrimp on style.” Made by hand in the UK, Magnet Mouse’s clothing revolves around quality and this Founded four years ago in response to the problem of fiddly fastenings, Magnet Mouse’s baby and maternity wear has tiny hidden magnets sewn inside the fabric, meaning that the brand’s clothes can be opened and fastened in seconds. Mouse outlines how the firm came about, drawing on her research and how this led her to create a line in parent-friendly babywear. “Time is one of the biggest challenges for parents today. Typically, both parents work which means third parties are often employed: crèches at work, au pairs, nannies or grandparents at home. A variety of people are involved in looking after our children now and that means inevitable challenges. Of these, one of the most annoying, every day ones is fiddly fastenings on baby and children’s wear. We knew there had to be an answer, a solution to make changing easier Designed for busy parents with fidgety children, Magnet Mouse is an innovative range of babywear which uses magnets to make changing easier. To showcase this unique range is Founder and Director Mouse Allen, who provides us with an overview of her solution and how it is changing the babywear market for the better. Magnet Mouse Most Innovative Babywear Brand UK: Magnet Mouse will always remain the central focus as the brand expands its product range. As Mouse is excited to conclude: “Ultimately, at Magnet Mouse our clients are the most important aspect of our business, and the driving force behind our success. Having listened to them, we are launching duvet covers this autumn whilst continuing to focus on providing quality products that will meet their needs.” Company: Magnet Mouse Contact: Mouse Allen Email: [email protected] Phone: 0207 525 9638 Website: