Parent & Baby Awards 2018

Page 30 LUX 2018 Parent & Baby Awards service to the families they are involved with. Our clinical outcomes are exemplary, and it is this combination of friendly service and clinical excellence that has led us to achieve the reputation we enjoy today.” With regards to the future, Private Midwives’ upcoming project looks set to drive even greater success for the firm, as Linda proudly concludes. “Moving forward, we are very excited about our new private caesarean section service in Cheshire. This service is run in collaboration with an NHS University Teaching Hospital, so our clients have all of the benefits of private care and all of the expertise of the NHS on hand. This also enables us to add value back in to the local NHS services, and we are excited for these developments as we look towards a bright future for us and, most importantly, our clients and their babies.” Company: Private Midwives Contact: Linda Bryceland Address: The Heath Business Park, Runcorn, WA7 4QX, UK Phone: 0800 470 2106 Website: Led by professionals, Private Midwives aims to offer clients the peace of mind that they will be fully supported through their birth and beyond. Linda outlines how this is achieved by the firm’s dynamic and dedicated team of experienced midwives. “As part of our commitment to providing our clients with the very best care possible throughout their birthing experience, at Private Midwives, our midwives work in a case-loading model so clients get the same midwife all the way through your antenatal care, birth and postnatal care. This continuity has been shown by extensive research to give better clinical and emotional outcomes for both mum and baby. Many of our clients are professional women who want the convenience of having appointments in their own home, at a time to suit them. However, a significant portion are mums who have had a baby before and had a poor experience. “Often these mums have had depression or anxiety issues following birth and need a lot of support. In some circumstances, women book our services because their normal care provider will not respect their wishes and birth choices. To ensure that we are constantly offering a high level of service, we ask all of our clients for feedback, and last year 99% said they would highly recommend us to friends or family. All of our midwives are senior, experienced midwives who are passionate about providing continuity of care and excellent Having been in the private midwifery space for over six years, Private Midwives has obtained a reputation for providing quality, safe services to clients across the UK and Ireland. To explore this reputation and how the firm obtained it in more detail we spoke to Head of Midwifery Linda Bryceland. Private Midwives Best Midwifery Service 2018 - UK