Parent & Baby Awards 2018 Page 47 LUX 2018 Parent & Baby Awards Thanks to its roots in Silicon Valley, the heartland of global innovation, Comper Healthcare is dedicated to the artificial intelligence application in healthcare technology. We profile the firm to find out more about the creations it has to offer and how these are changing the healthcare space for the better. Comper Healthcare Most Innovative Woman in Digital Healthcare – Best Ovulation Prediction Technology: Comper Smart Fertility Tracker Founded in 2014, Comper Healthcare is a leading independent designer, manufacturer and supplier of Smart medical devices. Over the past three years the firm has increased its footprint in the global smart medical devices market by developing and launching five products, all of which have achieved incredible success. Led by CEO Du Han, the firm has achieved incredible success since inception. Du Han is a serial woman entrepreneur who has a passion for developing the digital healthcare industry. Over the last four years she has conquered the medical device industry with innovative and unique devices that facilitate family’s health. Drawing on her extensive medical background, and knowledge about medical practice and investment, Du Han founded Comper to create innovative solutions. By being in the head of Comper Healthcare, Du Han is leading the company to impressive success globally by bringing unique high quality smart devices, as well as integrating a successful management system where a harmonious atmosphere has been created into the teams at Comper. As such, the team is able to work together to ensure continued success. As independent designer and manufacturer of smart medical devices, Comper embraces the changing healthcare environment and seek to identify and explore opportunities as they emerge, by making the healthcare process easier, enjoyable and efficient. With the best consumer care always in mind, the firm insist on the highest possible quality of products, character of employees, and relationships with customers and colleagues. This illustrates the firm’s commitment to strengthening its position in the market and a financially viable company through innovation and continuous improvement. Among the firm’s innovations is the Comper Smart Fertility Tracker. Based on the basal body temperature theory, the Comper Smart Fertility Tracker helps to predict the users’ ovulation. It provides natural oral experience by its medical-grade silicone body. It is also the only thermometer with an innovative UV light for automatic disinfection. Additionally, within the parent and baby space, Comper also offers the Comper Smart Doppler Fetal Monitor, which is a mother’s trusty companion and a baby’s guardian by accurately detecting the foetal heart rate. The solution works with the Comper Woman App to save, record and share the foetal heart beat data and sound. It can also be used without App: the indicator on the top will fade in and out at the same frequency with the foetal heart beat rate, while the arc indicator on the button informs the user about foetal wellbeing in real time. Looking ahead, Comper has many exciting developments in the pipeline, including the new Smarkin device which will be launched on Kickstarter later this year. This latest addition to the Comper range is a multi-function smart facial machine integrating the Bipolar RF, 3 levels of EMS, Red LED therapy and vibration functions that results better anti-aging and face-lifting performance due to their high- efficiency collaboration. Overall, the firm believes that technology- oriented innovation will reinvent healthcare experiences and create more joy and value to individuals and families, and as such this remains its ongoing focus. Longer term, Comper aims to move into family health and support an even wider range of clients. Company: Comper Healthcare Contact: Hosni Haji Address: Wangjing SOHO T2-A-1102, 10 Wangjing St. Chaoyang Qu, Beijing 100096, China Phone: 0086 10 5748 0968 Web Address: