Parent & Baby Awards 2018

Page 6 LUX 2018 Parent & Baby Awards Since its inception in 2011, Sindibaba has flourished, and today the brand offers a wide range of handcrafted toys and accessories for babies and children. Today, Sindibaba sells its stunning products through a network of carefully selected retailers with a proven history in the sale of children products. In its home market Germany and neighbouring Austria, Switzerland and Luxemburg the firm delivers its products directly to retailers through its warehouse. Internationally, products are provided through wholesalers, but no matter where in the world they are based Sindibaba clients can rest assured that they will receive a high-quality product that will be their child’s best friend for many years to come. Part of Augasta GmbH, Sindibaba is a German brand that creates modern lifestyle products for babies and children that are both pleasing to the parents and their loved ones. As part of our overview of a selection of winners from this year’s Parent & Baby Awards we share a fascinating insight into this unique brand and the creations it crafts for its valued clientele. Sindibaba ® Best Handcrafted Baby Toys & Accessories - Germany People are central to the brand’s success, and the core team behind Sindibaba is deeply rooted in toy-making since 2003. At that time Lynn and her sister Melody began sourcing and manufacturing toys and interior lifestyle products for European clients. They grew up in a family that had been in textile manufacturing since 1978. Two years later, in 2005, she met her later German husband Rainer, who at that time worked in marketing and was on a sabbatical year at a nearby university. During those first years they developed a deep understanding of children safety requirements and where to find high quality materials and a dedicated and cautious workforce. After getting married Lynn and Rainer decided to use their accumulated knowledge in the fields of toy-making, textile manufacture and quality assurance and moved to Europe to start Sindibaba. In the beginning they lived in the beautiful Alsace wine country in Eastern France near Strasburg. Later when it became clear that Germany would become their major market they moved to Germany near Berlin where the new office and warehouse are located. To this very day, the core team remains central to the brand’s success, and each plays their role in ensuring continued development. Lynn has been involved in the design and development of safe products for children since 2003 while working as an agent for a Scandinavian child’s interior company and obtained great insight into how certain materials and technical designs behave over a longer period of time. She