Parent & Baby Awards 2018

Page 8 LUX 2018 Parent & Baby Awards the trunk and legs tightly in order not to let them spread too far apart and thus losing its balance. So, Sindibaba tried to find a way to still use the lining by making the face fuller. Many prototypes and quarrels later the team took a chance and created the entire head without a lining by crocheting the meshes so densely that not only the filling wool would stay inside. They were also able to design the foxes mouth and nose even thinner with a concave curvature than we could have ever imagined, making it truly look like a cartoon animal. This design and the many others the brand produce are all designed with quality in mind, and over the years the collection has grown into a vast array of cuddly playmates that children and parents adore. All designs are created in-house and are adaptable for seasonal trends, children's varying perceptions in different age groups as well as parents’ aesthetic preferences and the safety requirements in different target markets. Designed for both children and parents, Sindibaba aims to combine functionality, style and safety requirements to create fun and usable pieces that not only appeal to children, but also look great around the house. From cute soft toys and melamine tableware to stroller chains and pram clips and play dolls for little princesses, Sindibaba’s charming designs will add German feel and safety to their bedroom or playroom. After all, babies and young children heavily orient to their senses. They explore their environment by touching and biting the things that surround them and take comfort and pleasure in the feel of wood, cotton, wool and metal. Therefor it is best to surround them with natural materials that are non-toxic, since everything they come into contact with is imprinted into their bodies. What is more, the earlier children are exposed to toys made of natural materials, the better they will develop a healthy standard by which to judge synthetics that often contain substances that in the long- term might have a negative impact on their health over the coming years. As such, Sindibaba created its flagship product line, a range handcrafted toys and accessories for babies and children. On the one hand their designs stimulate the child’s senses and development with materials, colour combinations, and details that little fingers and eyes love to explore, while on the other hand they add atmosphere and personal touch to the house through their clean and modern design. Despite having enhanced its product offering over the years, Sindibaba’s soft toys are still made of natural materials like yarn (cotton or bamboo fibre yarn), wood, silk and leather or environmentally-friendly alternatives like natural rubber and recycled paper. The firm avoid plastics where ever it is possible. Since the brand’s crocheted soft toys are hand-crafted, every item is unique, and most products are crocheted with yarn made of bamboo fibres