LUXlife Pet Product & Services Awards 2018 Page 17 In the pet care market staff are central to the success of any company, particularly one offering pet care services. As such, Dad-in- Paws is committed to attracting and retaining the best, most loyal employees in the local area all of whom are dedicated to providing a high quality service for clients, something Ashley is keen to focus on. “Each of our team members are either a pet owner themselves or have been so recently. The love of animals is what we assess our new staff members on, as well as their communication skills and gaining an understanding of how they would deal with various real-life scenarios as it is important that we have sensible people that are skilled to deals with many situations. We recently launched our own Dad-in-Paws Training Academy as we feel that we have an incredible amount of experience within our team so we want to share that throughout. “Within the team we have various qualifications including: Diploma in Dog Behaviour, Diploma in Professional Dog Walking and Pet Sitting as well as several team members trained in Canine First Aid. We plan quarterly training sessions and test the knowledge on a regular basis as we strive to know more about our clients’ pets than our clients do themselves. All of our staff are security checked via the Disclosure Scotland process as we are keyholders to many of our clients’ homes plus they entrust us with their fur babies.” Looking to the future, Dad-in-Paws seeks to continue to offer the exceptional level of service that has helped drive it to success, and work with even more pets and their owners over the years to come, as Ashley is proud to conclude. “Ultimately, Dad-in-Paws has seen rapid growth since we started two years ago. Our team has grown from one person to fifteen currently. Our shorter-term plans are to expand into some new locations that we currently do not cover, to expand our team further to cope with the demand as well as investigating potential day-care venues. Longer term, we are aiming to branch out of the immediate vicinity via a franchising model which we believe fits perfectly into our business model. All of these developments will allow us to build upon our incredible success and grow Dad in Paws even further, which is both thrilling and exciting.” Company: Dad-in-Paws Limited Contact: Ashley Samuels Phone: 01992 312706 Email: [email protected] Website: