LUXlife Pet Product & Services Awards 2018 Page 21 pet industry through being a member of various professional networking platforms such as forums and by attending pet and veterinary events. Through these networking channels the team has recognised that more and more pet owners are prioritising quality over price in choosing products and services. This represents a big change for the pet industry which historically had to contend with consumer price sensitivity. Additionally, today’s consumers want to play a larger part in the care of their pets and openly discuss what is best for them. This change in the pet consumer landscape provided an opportunity for Katzenworld to engage with readers by providing the resources for this. This includes advice and guides for feline appropriate care and providing an open discussion section for cat owners to share their own experiences and best practices. The business is now driven from Katzenworld’s centre where the editorial/ director team, Marc-Andre Runcie-Unger and Iain Runcie-Unger who are responsible for content selection and day to day management, are based. They also oversee the direction of Katzenworld and editorial policy. Both have day time jobs so keeping Katzenworld going takes up all their spare time. Around this core there is a small team of professional content writers which include cat behaviourists, veterinary staff, artists and journalists. A third layer consists of various content creators such as regular visitors sharing their experiences, welfare experts from animal charities and other pet industry professionals. All have been carefully selected to be in line with Katzenworld’s ethos by reviewing previously published content and conferring with our existing connections. Their policy is to permit people to express their opinions and allow them to be debated with a wide input. This is an important aspect of the Katzenworld community which they believe has contributed to their success. Looking ahead, as part of the blog’s dedication to providing visitors with the support and services they need, Katzenworld will be continuing to adapt around the changes it sees in the market. Two key areas the team are considering are accessibility, as well as creating Katzenworld branded products. For the first development, the team are looking at creating a mobile app and introducing regional/language specific content. For the second, their experience with product reviews have identified potential improvements and gaps in the market. This would allow Katzenworld to build on its successful brand image. With this expansion the editorial team, Marc-Andre and Iain will consider working full time to realise the full potential of the company, and are excited for the opportunities this will bring for them to further grow Katzenworld over the years to come. Company: Katzenworld Ltd Contact: Marc-Andre Runcie-Unger Address: Katzenworld Flat 20, Barnstaple House, 51 Taunton Road, SE12 8PL, UK Phone: 0796 973 8331 Blog: Shop: